Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s unexpected special meet


Shivay and Anika reach at the same fashion show. They have a hit and miss. Anika doesn’t see Shivay. Shivay introduces the team players to the media. Shivay gives an interview to the reporters. Cricketer Viraj and Shivay give the arrogant statements against each other. Viraj feels he is the crowd puller, while Shivay wants the team to be remembered because of him, the team owner. Viraj throws attitude around. He feels he is much bigger than Shivay and entire team.

Shivay asks him to understand that team is always bigger and ahead of the team player. Viraj demands Shivay to value him. Shivay asks Viraj to remember that he has bought him and took him into the team. Shivay gets insulting Viraj in front of the media. Viraj gets revengeful against the arrogant businessman. He aims to prove who is the real star.

Anika reaches late for the work. The lady fires her, being displeased with her. Anika gets insulted by the lady, who asks her to do petty things. Anika takes up the work for earning money for Sahil’s treatment. Anika assists Viraj. Anika tells him that she doesn’t know him. Viraj acts like a big celebrity. Viraj recollects and realizes that she is Anika, Shivay Singh Oberoi’s wife. Viraj attempts to defame Shivay by using Anika. He wants to show Shivay his real place. He puts Anika in trouble. Shivay and Anika meet again by the twist of fate. They both sense each other’s presence. They have a special moment of reunion. They miss to see each other. Roop contacts Pooja to get hold of Shivay. Pooja acts pitiable. Roop demands Pooja to attack Shivay. Pooja promises to plan something in the grand party. Pooja wants Shivay to accept her as wife in front of the world. Anika spots Shivay and the Oberois at the event. She attempts to hide from them.


  1. Please make them meet faster otherwise show is not so much fun or amazing. But yes show is awesome

    • Hi divyanshi ..u r right we want shivika
      Not shivaay and annika.
      By the way can I plz know from where u r bcoz I also have a friend whose name is Divyanshi chauhan .R u from U.P.


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