Jiji Maa: Falguni takes a new avatar to expose Uttara’s misdeeds

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Uttara makes Shom steal the evidence from Zeenat. She knows Falguni won’t be able to complaint against her. She shuts all the possibilities that could have exposed her. Niyati asks Falguni how will they expose Uttara. Falguni is sure that everyone will listen to her after their anger calms down. She is sure to get justice. Jayant and Vidhaan find Suyash upset. They console him and ask him to move on in life. Falguni tries to contact Jayant for a meet. Falguni reaches the labs to get evidence against Uttara.

Uttara gets the news and manages to swap the reports in her favor. Falguni convinces Jayant to check the evidence once and then take a decision. He agrees to give her a chance. Uttara calls Falguni and threatens about Niyati’s life. She asks Falguni to stop herself else she will lose her sister.

She injures Niyati and sends the video to Falguni. She threatens about the attack on Niyati. Falguni rushes to save Niyati’s life. She finds the attacker close. She gives up to Uttara. Uttara asks Falguni to live her own life and not plot against anything her. Jayant comes to meet Falguni. He asks for the evidence. Falguni falls in pressure and doesn’t tell anything to him. He regrets that she has cheated them. Falguni spoils her image and sheds tears. Uttara feels she has closed Falguni’s chapter forever. Falguni decides to meet Uttara in her new avatar of Laser to settle scores.


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