Laado 2: More of Rantej’s crimes to come into light


Anushka refuses to sign on property transfer papers which shocks Shagun and Amrish. Later, Anushka and Shaurya meet with an accident. Shaurya brings unconscious Anusha to hospital and asks Doctor to take his blood, and save her, as their blood group is same. Doctor sends his blood for test. Shaurya gets shocked to know that the blood group is not same as his and realizes the woman whom he is loving thinking as Juhi is someone else.

Anushka regains consciousness and asks for Shaurya. Shaurya confronts Anushka about her lie and asks her why did she play with his feelings when she is not his Juhi. He couldn’t come to terms that he is in love with someone else and not his Juhi. Anushka tries to explain to him about her helplessness which forced her to hide her truth. She promises to unite him with Juhi. Meanwhile, Juhi finds a woman captive in one of the rooms and tries to help her. The woman in question is none other than Meera whom Anushka got married to Doctor. More on Meera and her husband’s life will be shown. Rantej’s crimes will come into light.


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