Mayavi Maling: Angad to suspect Eshwarya’s special powers


Mayavi Maling is a story of Maling Rajya and its three princesses Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima. They fall in danger when the demons plan to attack the Rajya. Evil lady Madhumali gets married to Demon King Maruki to give birth to a demon child. She becomes the queen of the Danavanshi clan. Madhumali then marries King Trishanku and get status as a queen in the world. She becomes the proud mother of Angad, the God of Danavanshi clan/demons. Madhumali conspires to meet the Maling King. Maling Rajya is known for its peace and non violence. She takes Angad’s alliance for Pranali, the eldest daughter of Maling King. Maling Rajya heartily welcomes Madhumali, unaware of her evil intentions. Madhumali wants to ruin the Maling Rajya. Pranali and Angad fall in love at first sight. Pranali assumes to be a normal prince. She doesn’t know about his violent and demon side. They prepare for the engagement.

Madhumali gets an assassin to get her husband killed. Pranali saves King Trishanku’s life. She gets injured by the demon poisoned arrow and turns into ice. Maling Rajya worries for Pranali’s state. They get a hope that just a Devavanshi can protect Pranali. Pranali’s younger sister Eshwarya gets rescued by a Devavanshi in Kalkivan.

Angad supports Madhumali in killing his father. They fail in their plan because of Pranali. Angad kills the assassin to hide their crime. Eshwarya realizes both her sisters are in danger. She gets special powers from Devavanshi Chegu and his mother, who ask her to save either of her two sisters. Eshwarya chooses to save Pranali’s life, while her youngest sister Garima is trapped by the tribals of Kalkivan. Chegu rescues Garima as well. He drops her back to the palace of Maling.

Madhumali uses her powers on the assassin to cook up the story. She protects Angad from all the blames. Angad manages to win heart of Maling King. Madhumali gets upset when Eshwarya uses her special powers and cures Pranali. Madhumali asks Angad to win Pranali’s heart. She gives him a ring to gift Pranali in the engagement. Maling Rajya celebrates for Pranali’s recovery and engagement. Angad meets Eshwarya in an attempt to know about her special powers. He asks her how did she get Pranali back to life, when its only possible by a Devavanshi’s touch. Eshwarya doesn’t reveal anything about her meeting with Chegu. She lies to him that she doesn’t have any power. Eshwarya hunts for the truth to find her hidden enemies in Maling. She gets warned by Agni Shakti. She believes in the ancient theories. Madhumali goes to meet her sister Antara, suspecting that she is still alive and helping Maling’s princesses by passing her powers to them. will Pranali learn Angad’s truth? Keep reading.


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