Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita to hunt for the main culprit

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita worries over impulsive Raman

Adi tells everyone about his innocence. He reveals that Roshni had fallen in a problem, he was just helping her in the hour of need. He tells Raman that Iyers also made Roshni away, how could she leave him alone. He explains how Mani misunderstood him and bashed him without hearing any clarification. He wins the family’s confidence. He apologizes to Aaliya and sets things fine. Mani relieves the matter and makes a leave from Bhallas. Raman and Ishita ask Adi to take some rest. Kiran gets bailed out by someone, while Raman and Ishita reach the police station to bail her. Aaliya catches Adi’s lie. They get into an argument. Adi tells her that she was just helping Roshni. Adi asks Aaliya to change her thinking.

Mani calls up Aaliya and gets to hear their heated argument. Mani gets angered to know how Aaliya is tolerating an ill mannered husband. Iyers get against Kiran when she comes home. Bala defends Kiran in front of the family. He feels he shouldn’t stay with Iyers if his wife has no place in the house.

Iyers ask Bala to let Kiran’s name clear out from the matter, if he wants everything to get fine. Iyers explain that they are more protective about the family, they can’t let Kiran put anyone’s life at stake. They ask Bala to prove Kiran’s innocence. Bala takes the big challenge.

Mani meets Bhallas. He tells Raman and Ishita about Adi’s lie. He gets angry when Adi makes a story. Raman and Ishita believe Adi. Mani tells them that he has heard about Adi and Aaliya’s argument on call. Raman asks Mani not to grow his suspicions, that can spoil Adi and Aaliya’s relation. Ishita asks Mani not to create problems for them. They show their belief in their upbringing. Mani gets upset when Aaliya doesn’t speak up and weakens his opinion. Aaliya apologizes to him. She doesn’t want her relations to suffer. Mani turns disappointed seeing her weak behavior.

Mihika scolds Kiran for the fraud with Raman. She gets angry as Kiran didn’t value relationships. She asks Kiran to recall what favors Raman and Ishita did on her. She gets insulting Kiran for the scam. Bala defends Kiran. He reminds that he always stood for Vandu, and he will stand for Kiran, who is really innocent. He asks Mihika not to accuse Kiran till he proves the truth. Raman and Ishita meet the lawyer who arranged Kiran’s bail. They try to know the culprit behind the conspiracy. Bala tells Kiran that he will get against his own family to support her. He wants her to be strong. He shows his strong belief in her. He values Kiran, who changed his life. He promises to prove her innocence. Kiran regrets for her doings. Lawyer refuses to reveal any confidential details. Ishita tries to know about the fraud, so that they can save many lives. Ishita gets to see Raman’s company letterhead on the lawyer’s desk. She suspects him to be hiding something. Will Ishita reach to the root of the matter? Keep reading.


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