Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to witness Kabeer’s love confession


Kartik stays with Naira and secures her. Kaira’s romance is seen in a sweet song sequence. Naira ensures that she is safe. Kirti breaks their moment. She apologizes. Naira asks Kartik to go office now, as she has got a company. Kartik and Naira complain about each other to Kirti. Kartik asks both of them to take care. Kirti tells Naira that she wanted to meet her and give her strength. She reveals how strange and scared she used to feel because of Aditya’s madness and inhumane side. She asks Naira not to stay affected by the stalker. Kirti informs Naksh that she is going to meet doctor with Naira. Naira asks Naksh to trust her. Naksh asks her to be extra careful as he isn’t feeling good about Kirti. Naira promises that Kirti will be fine. Naira gets a call from academy.

Naira messages Kartik to thank him for his sweet gestures. Kartik tells her that he hasn’t done anything to please her. She realizes the stalker visited the home to leave gifts for her.

Manish and Kartik stay worried about Shubham. Kartik assures that he will handle Shubham. They don’t know that Shubham is taking drugs. Naira and Kirti reach the academy and learn about the trap. They get stuck at the academy. Naira gets informed by police about the real stalker, who maybe targeting her. Naira shares the fears with Kirti. Kabeer proposes Naira in his style. Naira tries to avoid his move. Naira and Kirti get locked inside the academy, while it gets dark by power failure. Naira shouts for help. Kirti feels uneasy. Naira asks Kirti to relax and wait for her.

Kabeer meets Naira and confesses his love for her. He doesn’t reveal his identity. Kartik reaches Naira at the academy. Naira tells him about the real stalker, who trapped her. Kartik looks for Kabeer. Kirti falls down in darkness. Kartik and Naira find Kirti hurt. Kartik rushes Kirti to hospital. He asks Naira not t worry for Kirti. Naira wonders how did the stalker reach them. She shares the occurrences. Kartik wants to punish the stalker. Naksh learns about Kirti’s accident. He fears about the baby. Kartik and Naira call the family at the hospital. Doctor reveals a saddening news, which comes as a big shocker for Naksh.


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