Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (PicFiction): Naksh-Kirti to face a traumatic moment


Kabeer gets saved when Kartik chases to catch him. Kabeer gives drugs to Shubham in order to make his condition more worse after the heartbreak. Shubham gets dying to get drugs from Kabeer. He doesn’t understand that Kabeer is using him for his own motives. Kabeer buys a bridal dress for Naira. He also gets a mangalsutra having his name in the locket. He decides to meet Naira and propose her. Kabeer makes a fake call to Naira to call her at the academy for urgent work. Kirti visits Naira to take her along for her monthly checkup at the hospital. Naira agrees to accompany Kirti in Naksh’s absence.

Naira gets the call and believes it to be a true urgency. She tells Kirti that she has to head to the academy first. Kirti accompanies her to the academy to help her out. On reaching the academy, Naira and Kirti learn about the hoax call. Naira gets informed by the inspector that the stalker is still on the loose, as the man they caught up before is really innocent.

Naira gets tensed thinking that its a trap laid by the stalker. She asks Kirti to rush out of the academy before they fall in any trouble. Soon, the stalker comes to propose Naira. Kabeer cuts the power in order to hide his identity. Kabeer creates a commotion at the academy, which results in an accident. Kirti suffers from a miscarriage. Naira rushes her to the hospital. The family receives a bad news about Kirti’s miscarriage. Naksh blames Naira for Kirti’s miscarriage. Naksh regrets to lose his first child.


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