High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Ruksar is getting married. Zara is very happy with the new developments. She knows Ruksar will not openly speak out her feelings for Kabeer. She wants Ruksar to get married at the earliest. Zara and Kabeer’s differences grow because of their different opinions. Ruksar meets her would be groom. Kabeer tells them that he will be the Qazi in their marriage. Ruksar wants Kabeer to be her groom. Everything gets decided between the families.

Zara knows Ruksar can do anything to get rid of the alliance. She can guess the limits which Ruksar can cross. She keeps an eye on Ruksar to control her resistance. Kabeer tries to explain Zara about his opinion. Ruksar wants to take advantage of Kabeer’s ego to make Zara away.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh gets scared thinking of the past trauma. He loses out his courage by a past incident shattering him within. He was trapped by a school teacher Nirja, who had framed him for molestation. Nirja’s negative entry will bring twists in Akhilesh and Ira’s lives. Akhilesh gets mad seeing Nirja. He starts acting mad. Ira meets Akhilesh in the mental asylum. She gets worried seeing Akhilesh’s trauma. Akhilesh is haunted by his past. He tells Ira that he was innocent, he didn’t misbehave with any woman in his life. Ira believes in Akhilesh and his strong character. She wants to prove his innocence to everyone. Ira will be meeting Nirja and know the entire story to prove the truth.

Laado 2:
Anushka gets a big shock knowing Juhi is in Veerpur. She is compelled to go to Veerpur, which she doesn’t want. She tells Shaurya about her bad past and relation with Veerpur. She sheds tears recollecting how she has lost Yuvraaj there. Anushka will be meeting Juhi there. She will face Malhari and Rantej again. She gets support from Shaurya.

Piyaa Albela:

Meghna’s wedding get fixed. Naren is happy. The family celebrates happily. Meghna meets her would be groom Kunal. Naren dances with Pooja. They have a light moment. Meghna’s Roka ceremony gets done. She appears happy with the new family entering her life. Dada ji also does the aarti of Meghna and Kunal. Meghna gets too happy. She gets much love from Vyas family. Goenkas also promise to love her as a daughter. Goenka family then learn a shocking truth about Meghna. They don’t like the fact that Meghna is blind. They react angrily and tell Meghna that they didn’t know about her weakness before.

Kaleerein: Meera celebrates Vivaan’s birthday. She cuts the birthday cake in the kitchen to distribute to everyone. Vivaan argues on her for using paper plates instead good crockery. She tells him about her childhood memories. She says we used to have all snacks in one paper plate, that was much fun. He makes a face hearing her. She gets lost in her memories. They tease each other. He asks her to maintain some status. He asks her to take tissues along. He tests her English skills. She asks him not to anger him. He tells her that he is happy to know that his mother is alive. He wants to confront his mum for abandoning her kids. She asks him not to doubt on his mum, as no mum can leave children by her own wish.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara gets insulted by Laser. She suspects her to be Falguni. Uttara gets angry on her. She asks Shom to find about Laser. She tells him that she will make the girl’s life a living hell. Uttara comes home in a bad mood. Jayant tries to normalize Suyash. The house loses the happiness after Falguni’s leaving. Falguni meets the villagers. She wants to find Shambu. She knows Shambu can help her find the evidence against Uttara. She tells her real identity to the villager. She is sure that Laser’s avatar will defeat Uttara.

Niyati misleads Uttara. She makes her belief that Falguni is at her home. Vidhaan confirms about Falguni’s presence. Uttara gets convinced that her new enemy isn’t Falguni. Niyati plays a drama and doesn’t let Vidhaan enter the house to meet Falguni. Falguni thanks the villager for letting her stay with them. She wins everyone’s heart by her cool attitude. Shom gets information about Laser. She plans to take revenge from Laser. Shom thinks Uttara has got busy after her new enemy. Jayant meets Suyash at office. He wants to make Suyash speak out his sorrow, so that his heart can get light. Suyash doesn’t open up his feelings. Jayant doesn’t understand why Falguni cheated them. Falguni meets Vaid to know about Shambu. She starts gathering clues. She comes across the drought problem in the village. She assures the villagers of solving the problem.


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