Ishqbaaz: Shivay to unite Anika with her long-lost sister

Shivaay long lost sister

Viraj acts silly and invites a big trouble for himself by insulting Anika publicly. Shivay bashes him in front of the media. He reveals to them that Anika is his wife. He takes a stand for Anika yet again. The media makes news about Viraj and Anika’s relation. Shivay gets angry when Anika gets targeted by the media. He stops the media from shooting cheap questions at Anika. The media asks him about his second wife Pooja.

Pooja paid the reporters to humiliate Shivay. She wants Shivay to get under pressure and accept her as wife in front of the media. Anika feels Shivay will never acknowledge their relation. Shivay admits that Pooja is his fake wife, which happened because of some misunderstanding and helplessness.

Shivay stays rooted to his true love. He tells them that Anika is his wife and will always be his wife. Anika sighs relief. Pooja signs the reporters to ask Shivay about their marriage. She starts the drama and tells Shivay that she has accepted him as her real husband.

Shivay and his brothers clear the fact that Pooja was just an aide to their aunt. Anika understands Roop’s planning. Their misunderstandings start sorting. Pooja gains sympathy by the media. She tells them that she was blackmailed by Roop as well. She then makes a shocking revelation that she is Anika’s younger sister in reality. Anika gets emotional to know that Roop has found her sister.

Shivay stops Anika from believing Pooja. He reveals the truth about Pooja and her background. He tells them that Pooja has no proof to defend herself. He ends Pooja’s chapter in his life. He tells Anika that he knows about her younger sister, who is really present around her right now. He prepares her to accept the truth. Anika gets restless to know about her sister. Shivay reveals that Gauri is Anika’s sister, who got separated in childhood.

It comes as a big surprise for both the sisters. Anika tells Gauri that she always felt some connection with her. She gets happy to know the facts found by Shivay. Shivay recollects how he connected the dots to find Chutki. He tells them that he got the same picture from Omkara and Gauri’s room, which he had seen in Harsh’s house. He unites the sisters. Gauri and Anika feel lucky to learn their blood ties. Oberois have a happy union. Shivay stays displeased with Anika over Pinky’s critical state. The family welcomes Anika back in their lives. Obros plan a ramp walk. Shivay doesn’t want Anika to come back in his life. The lovers stay estranged.


  1. Woww Anika and Gauri are sister hai pata chal gaya par please shivika ko alag mat karo please hum shivika fans shivay and Anika ko sath me dekhna chhate hai 😍😍


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