Piyaa Albela: Meghna’s Roka to get called off

Pooja finds Naren

Meghna’s wedding get fixed. Naren is happy. The family celebrates happily. Meghna meets her would be groom Kunal. Naren dances with Pooja. They have a light moment. Meghna’s Roka ceremony gets done. She appears happy with the new family entering her life. Dada ji also does the aarti of Meghna and Kunal. Meghna gets too happy. She gets much love from Vyas family. Goenkas also promise to love her as a daughter. Goenka family then learn a shocking truth about Meghna. They don’t like the fact that Meghna is blind. They react angrily and tell Meghna that they didn’t know about her weakness before.

Goenkas ask Harish about Meghna’s blindness. Harish confirms it. Goenkas cancel the Roka. Kunal also gets angry on Meghna for hiding the big truth. Kunal leaves from Vyas mansion. Naren and Pooja promise Meghna that they will convince Kunal and his family. Naren wants Meghna to be happy. Naren and Pooja are happily together now. They are hopeful to bring Meghna’s life on track. Will Meghna pose a problem for them? Keep reading.


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