Ishq Mein Marjawa (PicFiction): Deep and Aarohi’s London trip to uncover big secrets

final chance for Aarohi

Aarohi and Deep plan a London Trip to outdo each other. Its a final chance for Aarohi to exact her revenge on Deep. Aarohi has to find out her sister-in-law, who is help captive by Deep. She can just make Deep spell out the truth by his will. She tries hard to use Deep against himself and get to know his secrets. Deep makes a new game with new rules. Aarohi gets prepared to aim at Deep, and just waits for the right chance. Aarohi plans his destruction.

Aarohi then learns that Tara is alive. Tara gets mad on Aarohi. She wants to kill Aarohi. Tara becomes a big hurdle for Aarohi and her plans. Tara meets Aarohi and tricks her about Deep. She tells him that Deep is still involved in her plans. Aarohi gets worried knowing Deep already knows her identity. She suspects him to be knowing her entire plan of revenge. She wonders what is Deep planning next. Tara then reveals a shocking truth to Aarohi, which leaves her spellbound. Aarohi didn’t imagine such a twist in her life. London special episodes will uncover a lot of mysteries and secrets.


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