Kumkum Bhagya: Kiara to connect Abhi and Pragya


Abhi asks Tanu to help him adopt a girl child from the adoption centre, but Tanu refuses him instantly saying she wants to concentrate on winning Mrs. India contest and don’t want to adopt any baby. Abhi gets upset after his attempts fail to convince her. He goes to the bar and drinks there. He tells Purab that he never felt the need of having a child. Purab comes there to take him home. Abhi shares his pain with him, how he was living a painful life since Pragya left, and never took her name or let anybody talk about her, but today a girl reminded him of Pragya and he took her name after 8 years. He thinks if Pragya would have been with him then they would have blessed with a girl or boy. Purab understands his emotional pain going in his heart.

Suwarni Dadi humiliates Tanu in the house comparing her with Pragya. Tanu gets angry, but controls her anger seeing Abhi. Kiara is desperate to get her doll. She asks Pragya to call Mr. Blaster. Pragya tries to call him on the number, he called on the other day. Abhi picks the call and realizes Pragya’s voice. Meanwhile, Abhi cries out his pain when Tanu refuses to help him adopt a baby.

Abhi wishes to have a daughter like Kiara and finds emotional connection with her. He wishes to meet her again. Very soon, Kiara will meet with an accident and Abhi will give his blood to her. He feels emotional connection with her and panics seeing her in danger. Pragya and Abhi will come face to face in the hospital. Abhi will get moved in emotions knowing Kiara is his daughter, but later misunderstands Pragya to be married to King. Things take a ugly turn when he blames her for remarrying, oblivious to the fact that she is just personal assistant to King and handles his work.


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