Laado 2: Anushka to get clued about Juhi’s disappearance

Anushka Shaurya engaged Tellyreviews

Shaurya confronts Anushka and asks her not to lie. Anushka tells him everything and clears that she wanted to tell him about her truth, but Shagun and Amrish stopped her citing Dadi’s health condition. She tells that later on knowing about Shagun’s truth, she wanted to tell him, but again stopped due to Dadi. She tells him that even though she got engaged to him, but the ring and his love will only be for Juhi. Shaurya is very angry and feels cheated by her. He goes through a turmoil of emotions and wonders where is Juhi, if she is alive or not. He doesn’t realize that he fell for Anushka thinking her to be Juhi. Anushka assures him that they both will find Juhi soon.

She tells him about Shagun’s plan to get Juhi’s property. Shaurya was doubtful about Shagun from the start and believes on Anushka, keeping his anger aside. Anushka requests him not to tell Dadi about her truth, and tells him that she don’t want to lose Dadi again.

They begin searching for Juhi where she went missing. She tells him about her findings about the missing girls from Chandigarh, when Juhi went missing. Meanwhile, Juhi tries to know from Rantej about the woman in his captivity, but Rantej hide from her. She will soon meet the woman in his captivity, who is none other than Meera, Rantej’s ex wife. Rantej wants to know more about Inder through Juhi. Malhari continues to trust Inder, and doesn’t know about his real intentions to rule on Veerpur solely, sidelining her.


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