Ishq SubhanAllah (PicFiction): Zara to accomplish Kabeer’s project


Ruksar challenges Zara and asks her to stop Kabeer at home if she can. She takes Kabeer with her for a meeting. Zara sees Kabeer leaving with Ruksar. She worriedly thinks of some plan. Zara calls Kabeer home. She tells him about his ill mum. He leaves his meeting and arrives home. Kabeer meets his mum and asks her if she is fine. He gets concerned. He thanks Zara for informing him on time. He feels sorry. Kabeer blames himself and says I should have not gone leaving you alone. He informs Ruksar that he can’t come. Zara and Kabeer’s mum make this plan to stop him at home. They play a drama to fail Ruksar. Zara succeeds in her plan and wins the challenge posed by Ruksar. Kabeer doesn’t know about Ruksar and Zara’s challenge going on to win him. Zara gets much happy. Kabeer than learns Zara’s lie about his mum. He gets angry on her like always.

Kabeer hits the punching bag and vents out anger. He has worked hard for the project. He feels Zara has ruined everything. Zara realizes Kabeer’s perception maybe wrong, but his intentions are right. She wants to fulfill his project, knowing its really beneficial for their community. She feels bad to spoil his work. She decides to help him out in the meeting and surprise him. She realizes Kabeer is really working for the welfare of the people. She doesn’t want her distinct perception to bring loss for anyone.


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