Kaleerein: Roma to happily divide and rule Vivaan-Meera

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Vivaan contacts his mum by getting her details. He confronts his mum for being selfish and removing her children from her life. He feels he is unlucky as he is her son. He scolds his mum and pledges to settle scores. He demands her address, so that he can meet her and get all his answers. Roma worries when Vivaan talks to his mum. She fears for her truth to come out.

Meera and Vivaan have a moment. Vivaan asks Meera to control her clumsiness. Inspector visits Vivaan. He tells Vivaan that Pammi wasn’t murdered, she had murdered someone. Vivaan believes the inspector. He says such women can’t be trusted. Meera asks him not to doubt on his mum. Meera gets hurt. She doesn’t get quiet. She argues with him. Roma tries to instigate Vivaan against Pammi. She wants Pammi to get arrested.

Inspector tells Roma that they can find Pammi if they have any photo, but they can’t arrest Pammi without any solid evidence. Roma tells inspector that she can help them make a sketch of Pammi. Vivaan wants to reprimand his mum when he meets her. Roma sees her efforts failing. She is trying to keep Pammi away from Vivaan. She doesn’t want Meera to prove Pammi right. Vivaan asks Meera to stay away from his matter. Meera explains him that he is doing wrong. Roma likes to play divide and rule policy to keep Meera away from Vivaan. Can Meera expose Roma’s evil? Keep reading.


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