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Piyaa Albela:
Naren and Pooja get remarried in the mandap. They get emotional when they see a mandap set for Meghna and Kunal. Naren expresses his wish to wed Pooja again. Pooja fulfills his wish. Naren and Pooja take the wedding rounds. Meghna does their ghatbandhan. The family gets happy for them. Naren fills the sindoor in Pooja’s maang. Naren wishes the auspicious wedding makes everything fine for them once again.

Naren and Pooja have a celebration moment. This turns out to be Pooja’s imagination. Pooja imagines the happy moments. Pooja helps Meghna dress up in the bridal wear. Pooja wants Meghna’s marriage to happen well. Naren and Pooja compliment each other. Pooja fears about the bad omen. She gets upset with Naren for wearing black color clothes. She asks the family men to change their black sherwanis, as its inauspicious. Naren explains her that her premonitions won’t turn true. She gets panicking and insists him to wear something else, so that he doesn’t resemble her dream.


Pinky sees Shivay busy with Anika. Her patience breaks down. She asks Shivay what’s happening. How can he just think of Anika, is there no one else living at home. She gets insecure. She blasts her anger on her son. She recollects how Shivay surprises her every year on her special day. Anika asks Shivay not to trouble Pinky more. Shivay gives a big surprise to Pinky, which makes her very happy. Shivay wishes happy birthday to the world’s best mom. He tells her that the way she protected him and the family, he feels she is the best person. He thanks Pinky for always being with him. Shivay’s good speech calms all insecurities in Pinky’s heart. Shivay and Pinky have an emotional moment. The family then celebrates Anika’s welcome ceremony.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar challenges Zara and asks her to stop Kabeer at home if she can. She takes Kabeer with her for a meeting. Zara calls Kabeer home. She tells him about his ill mum. He leaves his meeting and arrives home. Kabeer meets his mum and asks her if she is fine. He gets concerned. He thanks Zara for informing him on time. He feels sorry. He informs Ruksar that he can’t come. Zara and Kabeer’s mum make this plan to stop him at home. They play a drama to fail Ruksar. Kabeer than learns Zara’s lie about his mum. He gets angry on her like always.

Saaya and Jasleen get shocked seeing Harman’s hand burn. Jasleen asks him to put down the diya, as his hand has already turned black. Harman tells her that Lord has to accept his prayers and return his Soumya. He doesn’t give up and bears the pain. Harman tells them that its his turn to keep up his love for Soumya, as she has done a lot for him.

Vivaan contacts his mum by getting her details. He confronts his mum for being selfish and removing her children from her life. He feels he is unlucky as he is her son. He scolds his mum and pledges to settle scores. He demands her address, so that he can meet her and get all his answers. Roma worries when Vivaan talks to his mum. She fears for her truth to come out.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil refuses to take up the company’s duties, as he has to fulfill his responsibilities towards Vedika and family. Vedika insists him to return home to his Badi Amma, who badly needs him after her fatal injuries. Sahil isn’t aware of Nidhi’s conspiracies. Sahil asks Vedika if she will marry him and accept his love, if he becomes a man who would become her pride. He tells her that he will do as she says, if she agreed to accept his wish. Vedika wants Sahil to manage the family business and become his family’s support. She wants Badi Amma to get happiness by Sahil’s decision. She agrees to Sahil, so that he becomes successful in life.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan and JD get into a fight while Ahaan saves Sheetal and Pankti from the latter’s madness. JD gets shot by Ahaan’s hand. JD gets rushed to the hospital. Pankti gets freed from JD for a while. Ahaan and Pankti will be seen enjoying their stay in London. They are madly in love. Ahaan tells her that JD can’t chase them now, they are too far from JD’s reach. Someone will be haunting them as a shadow.


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