Udaan: Chakor’s struggles begin to secure Suraj’s life

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Suraj is kidnapped by the militants. He gets beaten up by them. He learns someone has paid the thugs for kidnapping him. Suraj bears the tortures. He asks them why did they kidnap him, who are they and why are they after his life. Suraj asks them to let him go, he has a wife and daughter waiting. The bad guys have no humanity. They don’t care for anyone. The goon threatens him about Chakor and Saanvi. He says Chakor isn’t finding you, Saanvi is fine, we have informed Chakor that you are captive and alive, Chakor can stay alive if she stays away. Suraj asks what’s their demands. He scolds the goon.

He doesn’t want anything to happen to Chakor. He asks him to take as much money as he wants, but allow him to leave. The goon calls up Chakor to ask for ransom. Suraj asks Chakor not to do anything they ask her, as he is absolutely fine.

Chakor cries on hearing Suraj’s voice. Suraj screams when he gets tortured. The goon commands her to do some work for them. They want to blackmail Chakor by using Suraj and involve her in the illegal activities to trap her. They don’t want Chakor to seek the help of the police. Chakor gets ready to do anything for Suraj. The goons are hired by Imli, who wants to separate Chakor and Suraj forever. Imli wants Suraj to get tortured, so that Chakor breaks down by his miseries.


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