Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to learn Ananya’s accident truth

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A shocking allegation on Raman

Raman will be learning Ananya’s death secret, which Ishita has hidden from the family till now. Raman confronts Ishita for hiding the truth from him. She doesn’t want to answer him. Its a tough thing for him. She can’t tell him about Pihu’s mistake. She questions him about his doubts. She tells him that Parmeet isn’t blackmailing her by using any secret. Raman tells her that he has heard everything, she had no option than to agree to him, what’s the matter. She asks him why did he bash up Parmeet so badly. He says you have pushed me away to save Parmeet, there was no such need. She tells him that his anger is the problem, Parmeet would have died by his hands. She asks him to trust her.

Raman meets Shitija and learns about Pihu’s mistake. He asks her about the night when Ananya fell down the stairs. She tells him about Pihu. Raman goes back to Ishita again and asks her about Pihu’s stupid doing, by which Parmeet is blackmailing her. She denies the matter.

He says Parmeet is surely confident, as you have given up. She asks him to forget the matter. He says I can easily catch your lies, Parmeet holds some secret. He tells Ishita about Pihu’s ill health. She panics on hearing it. He says you are hiding Pihu’s matter, this is the result of it. She tells him that she will see Pihu. He stops her and makes her swear on him to speak the truth. She then reveals to him about Ananya dying accidentally by Pihu’s mistake. Raman gets moved on knowing this. She tells him that Ananya had died accidentally, she had to save Pihu from Simmi’s anger.


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