Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita get hopeful for Ruhi’s new start


Raman plans to surprise Ishita. He gets a pretty dress and ring for Ishita. Raman’s surprise gets happily accepted by Ishita. Ishita gets touched. She thanks Raman. Ishita wears the gifted dress. Raman and Ishita romance. Their happy moments are seen. Raman wants Ishita to always keep smiling, so that he can also stay at peace. Ishita likes the new flavor in her life. She thanks Raman for the wonderful surprise. He tells her that they will always keep their life full of romance, so that no tensions touch them ever. He wants to spend time with her. She feels lucky to get him. Iyers get glad knowing everything between Adi and Aaliya is getting fine. Iyers try to make their relations with Bhallas better.

Aaliya meets Shravan and tells him that Adi didn’t buy any phone for her. He doubts whether he heard right about the phone bill or not. Roshni gets terminated from her job for no reason. She then learns that Mani has got her fired from work. She thinks to meet Adi and tell him the problem.

Roshni meets the recruitment cell and tries to get a job. She gets to meet Ishita there. Ishita learns Roshni is searching for a job. She offers a job to Roshni in her new clinic founded by Raman. Roshni falls in dilemma as she doesn’t want to be part of Adi’s life by working with Ishita. Ishita asks Roshni why isn’t she sharing problems with her. She asks her to start working soon, as she is well acquainted with the work model. Roshni is in serious need of work. Ishita tells Raman about giving the job offer to Roshni. Raman gets stuck with his work. Ishita tries to help him. She tells Raman that Ruhi will solve the technical faults.

Ruhi gets a doubt on Parmeet after spotting him with a young girl. She follows Parmeet to the cafe. She sees him meeting a girl. Ruhi tries to gather proof against Parmeet. She creates a fake id on a dating site to trap Parmeet.

Ishita misunderstands Ruhi after seeing her id on the dating site. She feels Ruhi is wishing for love in her life. She thinks Ruhi is ready to step in a relationship and move on towards a new life. Ruhi makes a clever plan to know how is Parmeet blackmailing Ishita. Ruhi contacts Parmeet. She wants to get the truth out of him. She doesn’t want to spare Parmeet. Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi wants to move on in life. She feels Ruhi had bad relationships in the past and now its high time she gets a change in life. Ruhi meets Parmeet and confronts him for blackmailing Ishita.

Roshni meets Adi and tells him that she doesn’t want to keep any relation with him. She tells her final decision, which he doesn’t accept. He asks her to take up the job at Ishita’s clinic. He tells her that Ishita will support her always. He doesn’t want Roshni to end their friendship. Roshni asks him not to mess up her life. He tells her that she can’t lose better chances because of him. He doesn’t want her to land in any problem. Roshni agrees to take up the job. Raman will be learning about Parmeet’s blackmailing move. Will Raman know the big truth behind Parmeet’s move? Keep reading.


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