High Five Spoilers

Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Iqbal’s aunt gets to know a big truth about Teni. She meets the doctor in the haldi function. She learns about Teni’s first pregnancy and delivery. Teni appears very happy and enjoys the haldi rasam. Aunt worries for Iqbal. She wants to cancel Iqbal and Teni’s marriage. She doesn’t intend to accept Teni knowing her past. Aunt gets happy that they got saved from Teni. She calls her sister and asks her to know Teni’s medical reports and the past. She says Teni has delivered a child, she didn’t tell us anything about her old relationship. She asks her sister to save Iqbal’s life from spoiling. Iqbal isn’t aware of the truth.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

A new twist comes in IshRa’s life. Raman confronts Parmeet for blackmailing Ishita. He beats up Parmeet in a fit of rage. Ishita slaps Raman by mistake and hurts his heart. He demands her to reveal the reason that Parmeet is blackmailing her. She doesn’t tell him anything. Raman turns into a spy and learns the entire matter behind Ananya’s accident. The misunderstandings about Ananya’s accident get cleared. Everyone learns that Ishita hasn’t killed Ananya, it was an accident which happened by Pihu’s mistakes. Mrs. Bhalla repents for her bitterness. She makes an apology to Ishita. She asks Ishita to forgive Simmi and all of them, who always misunderstood her, knowing her genuine goodness for years. Bhallas regret for judging Ishita wrong. Ishita forgives everyone. She sets an example of an ideal mum again.

Laado 2:

Anushka has come back to Veerpur. She brings a big change in the village. Malhari and Rantej’s crimes get known. The villagers protest against the evil doers. Anushka saves Juhi. She unites Shaurya and Juhi. Anushka takes the bold avatar. She wants to end Malhari’s rule in Veerpur. Anushka finally succeeds and gets justice for Yuvraaj’s death. Anushka takes revenge from Malhari for torturing Juhi till now. Villagers want to kill Malhari and Rantej. They get fire torches and try to burn the haveli. Shaurya stops them. Juhi gets thankful to Anushka for saving them.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki and Babbu get trapped by the goons. Babbu and his men try hard to protect Nimki. While Nimki is Mukhiya for the village, she thinks Babbu is protecting her as she is his wife. He also considers her just as Mukhiya. He wants to protect her for his own motives. She asks Babbu to go home. He tells her that he has to save her first. He asks Nimki to find a chance and run to the haveli. She refuses to go without him. He covers her up and tries to send her. Nimki then gets scared by the firing. She goes through the jungle route to reach her home. Babbu isn’t happy with Nimki. Babbu is hiding his real feelings to ensure Tetar’s win.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

The retro look proves out to be lucky for Bulbul and Vijay. Mandira gets jealous seeing them coming closer. The family celebrates Agastya’s success in the elections. Bulbul and Vijay participate in the paper dance. They come close while reaching close to their win. They enter the last round. They romance while expressing love via eyes. Mandira loses her focus seeing them. She fails in the round. Dadi gets upset with her. Gayatri joins hands with Mandira. She wants to make Mandira accept her real motives. Gayatri doubts on Mandira. She lies to Mandira and asks her why did she come back in Vijay’s life. She hopes Mandira opens up the secret.


Anika and Shivay have a cute argument. She asks him whether he really doesn’t know about Ishq wali selfie if he is a true Ishqbaaz. He tells her that he has no idea about Ishq wali selfie, he has just heard about Ishq wala love. She tells him that she wants a lovely selfie with him. She teaches Shivay how to pose for the special selfie. She gets taunting him when he boasts of himself, comparing himself to a filmi hero. She asks him not to think he is SRK. She asks him to tone down the style and pose with her. Shivay and Anika have their romance going while taking selfies. Anika gives him some love lessons. She asks him to open his arms and hug her, while they pose for the picture. Shivay happily surrenders to her and clicks selfies with her.

Ishq SubhanAllah, Kaleerein, Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre and Piyaa Albela Mahasangam with Bhootu:

Zara and Kabeer go for a picnic. They meet Naren and Pooja at the resort. The Mahasangam episode will be bringing fun moments, filled with music, dance, romance and love. Zara and Kabeer have a dance, along with other couples. Bhootu’s summer camp brings filmi moments for all the couples in love. Pooja and Naren also play with kids. They dance under the rain. Meera and Vivaan also spend time with the kids. Vivaan’s kiddish side cheers up Meera. Varun will be performing tandav in the Mahasangam episode.


Vivaan and Meera have a heated argument. They end up hurting each other unknowingly. Vivaan breaks Meera’s hope. He raises a hand on her. She gets emotional after the ugly chapter. She was thinking Vivaan is becoming her friend. She didn’t expect their relation to take such a turn. Everything was going smooth before their angry confrontation. She feels she shouldn’t keep any relation with Vivaan, who doesn’t respect her. She gets hurt by the glass pieces. Vivaan hurts himself in anger. They both get heartbroken. Vivaan leaves her alone to shed tears.


Harman tells Jasleen that he is sure Soumya is alive. He reaches a temple. He prays to Kinner Devta. He performs a puja there and wishes he gets Soumya back. He apologizes to Lord and feels he has disrespected Soumya a lot, and maybe this is the result of his mistakes. He meets Saaya at the temple. Saaya blesses him. She tells him that Lord is witnessing his true love and will soon help him reach Soumya. Soumya helps Sameer in work. She makes some toys and recollects Harman. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to forget the past and move on in life. She doesn’t know Soumya is a kinner. She dreams of Sameer and Soumya’s marriage.


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