Ishqbaaz: A new craze to strike the Oberois


Pinky thinks of talking to Shivay and remind him about her birthday. He asks Anika to get done with the preparations. Pinky makes kheer for him. He refuses to have it, as he is much busy in the party preparations. She asks him if he has no time for her. He tastes the kheer and likes it. He takes the sweet dish for Anika. She feels Shivay didn’t recollect her birthday till now. She sheds tears feeling her son has changed.

Shakti and Dadi pacify Pinky and ask her to accept the new phase of her life. They tell Pinky that they should be happy for Shivika’s union. Pinky tells them that she is happy for them, but Shivay shouldn’t forget his mum. She asks Dadi to understand her pain. Dadi tells her that Shivay can never forget her, a mum has her own place in a child’s life. She asks him not to doubt on Shivay. She asks Pinky to get ready and celebrate her birthday.

Pinky confronts Shivay and Anika. She gets upset with Shivay for sidelining his mum. She asks him if he has forgotten his mum when his wife came back. She asks Anika not to get between their personal fight. She complains to Shivay for hurting her heart. Shivay finds her too emotional. He then gives her a lovely surprise. He tells Pinky that they have secretly planned the birthday surprise for her, but he didn’t intend to hurt her heart. He tells her that he can never forget her or her birthday.

Pinky gets much happy with the surprise. He tells her that they all wanted to celebrate her birthday in a grand style. He then gifts her a necklace. He tells Pinky that none can take her place in his life. She feels sorry to misunderstand him. Shivay and Anika celebrate Pinky’s birthday.

Pinky feels proud of her son. He tells her that Anika holds much importance to his life, but even then his mum is supreme. Pinky cuts the cake specially ordered by Shivay. She apologizes to Anika. She wants Shivay and Anika to be happy. The family spends some happy moments together. Rudra and Bhavya discuss about posting pictures on social media. She asks him not to waste time by checking others’ profiles. He wants many likes on his pictures. She tells him that relationships aren’t successful by proving love on social media. She warns him against believing such love stories. She asks him to prove his love to her, than the world. Shivay prepares for an important meeting with the Japanese delegates. He doesn’t want any mistake to happen. He prepares well for the meeting.

Anika gives him unique ideas for the meeting. Shivay tells her that his image shouldn’t get bad. She wishes him all the best. Omkara feels social media helps in setting business. He wishes his exhibition turns out to be a successful one. Gauri wishes him the best. He tells her that she is his strength. She doesn’t want to accompany him, as she had embarrassed him last time in the exhibition. Omkara tells her that it was his mistake as he didn’t take a stand for her in between the people. He tells her that he is proud of her and he won’t hide her from the world now.

She tells him that it doesn’t matter if they are not open about their relation. He wants to shout out to the world and express her worth in his life. He kisses Gauri and clicks a selfie with her. He uploads the kissing picture on the social media and shows his love to the world. She asks him to keep their moments personal. He tells them that many people are liking them. He tells her that they have got many good comments as well.

Rudra learns about their picture. He takes care of Bhavya’s diet to show his love. Anika too comes across Omkara and Gauri’s picture. She learns the power of social media. Omkara and Gauri prepare for an interview, after they get famous. Their picture goes viral. Omkara gives an interview after sharing his personal life with the world. He tells them what Gauri means to him, she means his world, she is his true love. Omkara and Gauri share a sweet moment. Anika gets inspired to post Shivay and her selfie on the social network and gain likes.


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