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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Chandra gets shot while saving Bismi. He tells Bismil that he doesn’t want to get tag of a dacoit. He fears that they are losing their name in the attempt to gain richness for thet chosen action. He tells Bismil that they can get support from people in their freedom fight only if they prove out their righteousness. Bismil promises him that he will sort his dilemma. The British police conspires against the HRA group, founded by Bismil. The police shoots an innocent lady and loots the house to put the blame on HRA members.

    Chandra gets enraged to know about an informer helping police against them. He fails to understand why their good intentions aren’t understood by public. Chandra recovers from the gun shot wound. He tells Manmath that he will punish the informer. He reaches the police station to kill the informer. He soon finds police torturing the informer. Chandra bravely saves the informer’s life.


    Pinky thinks of talking to Shivay and remind him about her birthday. He asks Anika to get done with the preparations. Pinky makes kheer for him. He refuses to have it, as he is much busy in the party preparations. She asks him if he has no time for her. He tastes the kheer and likes it. He takes the sweet dish for Anika. She feels Shivay didn’t recollect her birthday till now. She sheds tears feeling her son has changed. Shakti and Dadi pacify Pinky and ask her to accept the new phase of her life. They tell Pinky that they should be happy for Shivika’s union. Pinky tells them that she is happy for them, but Shivay shouldn’t forget his mum. She asks Dadi to understand her pain. Dadi tells her that Shivay can never forget her, a mum has her own place in a child’s life. She asks him not to doubt on Shivay. She asks Pinky to get ready and celebrate her birthday.


    Avni tries hard to convince the court to get Mogli’s custody rights. She fails to prove the financial stability. Neil’s lawyer stresses on the fact that Khanna family is more sound and stable, who can give a good life to Mogli. He tells the court that Neil is going to marry Mitali, who would be a good mum for Mogli. Neil’s lawyer appeals that Neil gets the child custody. Mogli has hope that Avni will win his custody. He doesn’t want to leave anyone and go with Neil. The court gives the verdict in Neil’s favor. Prakash tells Avni that he will always support her as a father. He wishes the best for her. Avni gets saddened when she loses her son’s custody. She was afraid for this day. She is granted a day in a week to meet her son at Khanna house. Avni feels the pain of losing Mogli.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik gives a romantic surprise to Naira. She thanks him for his forever support. Naira gets happiness by his lovely gestures. Kirti explains Naksh that he should get at peace with Naira. She asks him to forget their fight now. She wants Naksh and Naira’s bond to get fine like before, when Kabeer got punished by Naira. Naitik gifts a holiday package to them, so that they can move on in life by forgetting the bad sudden shocks. He tells Naksh that he worries for all the children equally, he just doesn’t support Naira. Shubham takes the drugs from some other dealer. He behaves bad when he fails to get the drugs.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shravan goes to the mobile store to find clues about Adi’s mobile purchase. Shravan gets a bill copy with him to show Aaliya. Ruhi gets her friend’s help to trap Parmeet. She thanks her friend for executing her plan. Parmeet gets caught by Ruhi. She finds a chance to blackmail him and get the truth out of him. She wants to know how he is blackmailing Ishita. She threatens to expose his dating and relationships to Simmi. She asks him to tell the truth. Parmeet doesn’t get scared of her. He asks her to show his pictures to Simmi. He tells her that Simmi trusts him a lot. Ishita talks to Pihu on call. She wants Pihu to be happy. Raman tells her that they should go out for a drive. Raman overhears Ruhi and Parmeet’s conversation. He learns Parmeet is blackmailing Ishita. He asks the matter in an angered tone.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Angad fails to control Pranali’s mind by the magical ring. He returns to his Rajya. He tells Madhumali about Eshwarya’s secret trip to Kalkivan. Madhumali gets warned by him. She tells him that they have to take a bigger step this time. She takes a high jump down the palace building. Angad fears for her life. He gets stunned when Madhumali opens her blue wings and flies in the sky. Angad didn’t know about Madhumali’s powers. Angad also realizes his own demonous powers. He plans to ruin Maling Rajya by using Pranali.


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