Jiji Maa (PicFiction): Suyash and Falguni’s lives take a turn


Suyash and Vidhaan celebrate Uttara’s presence in their lives in a grand style. She gets much happy when they surprise her on Mothers day. They show a big painting of Uttara. She likes Suyash’s gesture. She thanks Suyash for thinking so much for her. Vidhaan tells everyone that these decorations and all are done by Niyati. Jayant praises Niyati’s creativity and talents. He tells them about Niyati’s cool tips videos. Uttara tells them that she is happy the way Niyati is moving on in life, so she has permitted Niyati to make video, unlike Falguni, who never wanted Niyati to get successful. She tells Vidhaan that Niyati is free to do anything.

Vidhaan praises Uttara for being a great mother. He tells them that Niyati has gone to her locality to put garlands on her mum’s picture. She wonders if Niyati went to meet Falguni. He tells her that Niyati isn’t talking to Falguni now. She gets happy. Vidhaan gets the cake for Uttara. Uttara likes the series of surprises.

Suyash gets a call. He has many expectations to meet his real mum. He gets upset. He tells Uttara that he has hired a detective to find out Gayatri, but I have failed to find her. She gets happy that Suyash didn’t get Gayatri. She doesn’t want Gayatri to come back. Suyash asks Uttara not to feel low. They proceed and celebrate the cake cutting ceremony. Meanwhile, Niyati surprises Falguni on Mothers day and celebrates with her in their own sweet style. Suyash then meets Falguni when she takes Lazer avatar in the village. Falguni bonds with him, as she doesn’t want him to slip in sorrow. She befriends Suyash only to stay in his life.


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