Kumkum Bhagya: King to expose Abhi’s unfair fame tactics

Pragya King Singh Tellyreviews

Abhi and King come to the press conference which is kept to promote the singers participating in the prestigious concert. King comes with his relative Tarun. Aaliya hires Abhi’s fans to cheer for Abhi, and demand to the organizers to make him lead singer. She also wants to keep his picture on the cover page. Purab tells Aaliya that Abhi asked her not to do any unfair thing. Aaliya tells him that she knows what is best for Abhi. Tarun hears Aaliya bribing the fans and informs King that his competitor’s manager has planned to garner’s organizers attention with bought publicity.

King doesn’t believe this at first. King asks Tarun if he is sure? Tarun tells him that he can prove this. King decides to expose Abhi in front of media and show him who is the real King. Meanwhile, Pragya worries for King and decides to come to the press conference to be with him. King exposes Aaliya’s plan in front of media. Abhi feels humiliated and gets angry on Aaliya. This initiates enmity between King and Abhi. Pragya will be the one who gets stuck in their enmity. Whom will Pragya support? Keep reading.


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