Piyaa Albela: Pooja to fight for Meghna’s righteous justice

Pooja finds Naren

Pooja wanted to make sure that Meghna’s marriage happens with happiness. She didn’t wish for any hurdles or pleasant things. She goes to bring fresh Varmala/garland, when it breaks with Rahul’s hand. She is over protective about Meghna after seeing the bad omen. Naren goes for a meeting and excuses him for a while. Meanwhile, Kunal vanishes somewhere before the baraat leaves. He manages to keep anklet in Meghna’s room, which Supriya makes Meghna wear. Mr. Goenka plans something evil to stop the marriage and writes the headlines of the news papers. Meghna gets ready as a beautiful bride and waits for Baraat to come. Someone reaches Meghna and rapes her.

Pooja returns for the temple and goes to Meghna’s room. She gets shocked seeing her condition. She shouts Naren’s name. Naren, Rahul, Supriya, Dada ji and others get shocked and shattered. Pooja tries to pacify Meghna and cries hugging her. Meghna is shattered. Pooja’s premonition came true about Meghna. She regrets to leave Meghna alone and going to buy garland. She doubts on all the men of the house and calls Inspector Shivani, who was after Naren since few days.

Meanwhile, Baraat arrives at Vyas Mansion, Kunal and his parents see everyone tensed and sad. Kunal questions Dada ji why they are worried for Meghna, what happened to her. Dada ji tells them that she was raped in her Maayka. Kunal is shattered. Mrs and Mr. Goenka relieve thinking marriage will not happen now.

Inspector Shivani arrives for the investigations. Harish asks who called her here. Inspector Shivani tells that someone from his family called her. Pooja tells them that she called Shivani to nab the culprit and get justice for Meghna. Harish gets upset thinking family reputation will be ruined because of Meghna and asks Pooja not to involve Police. But, Pooja tells him that the crime is severe and the guilty can’t be let free, culprit shall be caught and punished. She recalls seeing the black sherwani of the rapist and doubts her family men. She determines to get the guilty punished forgetting the relation the culprit had with them. She decides to fight for Meghna’s rights.


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