Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: All hell breaks loose with big revelations

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita worries over impulsive Raman

Ishita denies to reveal anything to Ruhi. She yells on Ruhi asking her to stay away from her matters. Ruhi gets frustrated when Ishita doesn’t tell her anything. She tells Ishita that its her right and duty as well to know what’s bothering her mum. Ishita tells Ruhi that she isn’t taking any sensible step, she is hurting her more by growing suspicion. She asks Ruhi to think if Raman has hurt Parmeet more and got arrested for the crime. She asks Ruhi not to invite troubles. Ruhi tells Ishita that Parmeet should get punished. She asks Ishita to stop protecting him.

Ishita asks Ruhi to know her limits. Ruhi fails to make Ishita speak up. She gets hurt by Ishita’s anger. Raman overhears their conversation. He consoles Ruhi. He understands her concern for Ishita. Ruhi tells him that she just wants to help Ishita. He promises to find out the matter and punish Parmeet.

Shravan worries on seeing Raman bashing up Parmeet. He thinks its not the right time to reveal Adi and Roshni’s affair news to anyone. He doesn’t want things in Bhalla house to worsen. Raman gets a call from Pihu’s teacher, who tells him about Pihu’s fear and fever. He learns Pihu is disturbed by some matter.

He tries to find out about Pihu’s fear. He gets clued that Pihu is hiding something from them. He doesn’t want Pihu to stay scared by Parmeet’s fear. He learns Parmeet is holding Pihu’s secret. He understands that Parmeet is blackmailing Ishita by using Pihu’s secret. He decides to confront Ishita again. He asks Ishita why is Parmeet blackmailing her. She denies the matter.

He tells her about Pihu’s ill state because of Parmeet’s fear. He asks Ishita not to meet Pihu at the camp. He wants to know the matter, as he is Pihu’s dad. He says I have total right to know about Pihu. He makes her swear to admit the truth. She tells him about Pihu’s big mistake, which can never be rectified. He tells her that he will manage everything, but she shouldn’t be stressed.

She reveals that Ananya lost her life because of Pihu. Raman gets a huge shock when he learns this truth. She tells him that she has taken the blame on her to save Pihu from Simmi’s anger. She knows Simmi will never forgive Pihu and shower hatred on her. She tells Raman that they have to hide this truth from everyone. Raman asks Ishita why did she hide this from him.

She tells him the terrible situation they were in. She was helpless to deal with the matter alone. Raman feels bad that he failed to help Pihu. He apologizes to her. He blames himself. He feels guilty over Pihu’s state. Simmi also learns the big truth about Ananya’s accident happened by Pihu. Simmi turns revengeful and wants to get Pihu arrested at any cost.

Mrs. Iyer learns about Adi and Roshni’s affair after reading Shravan’s diary. Shravan was helpless to write down the matter in his diary when he wasn’t able to share it with anyone. She doesn’t believe it. She wants to confront Shravan for the nonsense. She feels Adi can never cheat Aaliya. Shagun meets her and gets to know about Adi’s affair. Shagun doubts on Adi. She tells her that Shravan may not be wrong, it can true that Shravan has written what he has seen. She assures to find the truth. She doesn’t want to trouble Raman and Ishita till they find out the reality.



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