Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Shubham’s property claim to shock Goenkas


Naira thinks of doing any business, only once she acquires proper knowledge. She gains inspiration from Naksh, who is much successful in his field because of his knowledge and experience. She thinks of her past and how she had left her studies incomplete, living in an ashram in Rishikesh. She feels her life doesn’t have any limitations now. She tells the family that she has decided to study and complete her education. She tells them that her life has become stable now, after passing many hurdles. Kartik feels proud of her to take such a decision. Naitik too asks her to go ahead and do her wishful. He wants Naira to be independent and educate herself for the betterment of her life. The family totally supports Naira. They believe that Naira can help herself like none other can. Naira makes up her mind to inform Goenkas about her decision.

Kartik gets upset knowing Shubham has hurt a servant. He wants to know what is bothering Shubham. He doesn’t think Shubham is still upset about Suhana. He wants to help Shubham. Naira assures him that she will find the problem. Lav and Kush get the drugs packet, lost by Shubham. Naira tries to talk to Shubham as a friend. The kids get affected after checking the drugs. Naira gets suspicious about the unusual powder. Kartik gets close to realizes about the drugs. They don’t know how drugs came inside the house.

Shubham gets alert watching them catch his mistake. Naira feels the powder might be some fertilizer. She tries to end Kartik’s doubt. She gets hint of Shubham’s drug addiction after getting a similar packet in the bin. Naitik wishes Naksh and Kirti spend their holiday well. He asks the family not to worry for his depression. The family wishes Naitik gets something in his life that absorbs his sorrow completely.

Kartik tells Naira that he values her a lot. His real happiness lies in his family. He stays worried for Shubham. He tells her that he wants all of the family members to stay fine and happy. He feels bad for the unpleasant happenings in Shubham’s life. Kartik and Naira teach the kids. Naira takes help from the kids. Kartik too comes ahead to teach her. She finds it hard to learn from a tutor like him. She tries to avoid him. Kartik gets stern and asks her to study in his company.

Naira feels studies are much boring, while he finds it fun to teach and scold her. Shubham realizes his bank accounts are freezed. He steals cash from Suwarna’s cupboard. Naira catches him red handed. She asks him why is he spending much money. She wants to know his needs. He tells her that its his right to take cash from home, he is rich now and belongs to Goenka family. She asks him not to justify his theft. He doesn’t feel he has committed a crime. Kartik and Manish spot him. They confront him for spending huge amounts on unknown reasons. Naira asks Kartik to give some time to Shubham to come to them and reveal the real reason. Kartik loses out his patience. Even Manish wants to know why is Shubham withdrawing big amounts.

Kartik turns strict and demands an answer from Shubham, who refuses to clarify. Kartik and Shubham have an argument over their rights. Shubham claims his property share, which leaves the family shattered. Manish feels he has lost as a father, who didn’t connect with his son’s heart till now. Suwarna too feels bad by Shubham’s wrong demand. Kartik tells Naira that he fears for their family breaking apart. She tells him that they will try and bind the family with love. She calms down Kartik’s fears. She gives him a hope that everything will get fine.


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