Ishqbaaz: Anika regrets over her inept persona


Shivay and Anika’s dance video becomes a big problem for his business ventures. Shivay loses the contract and turns upset with Anika, for the fact that she is valuing people’s opinion on their relationship more than their own satisfaction. He doesn’t want anyone to appreciate his relationship with his wife. He doesn’t want anyone to comment on his personal life or approve if their relationship is contained with love. He tries hard to make Anika understand that social media is not a necessity for everyone. Anika feels the difference between Shivay and her mindset, upbringing, skills and knowledge.

A series of occurrences turn her upset. She feels bad when Sahil mocks her. Sahil tells her that English skills are important in today’s time. He asks her not to get angry. She reminds that she used to teach him before.

Rudra also jokes on Anika when she doesn’t know few things spoken in English. Anika feels she doesn’t understand English well and this weakness is getting on her nerves. Same thing has happened with Gauri before. Gauri has taken the English classes to match up with Omkara. Gauri consoles Anika, who feels losing out in life because of failing to learn English. Anika tells Gauri that she wants to make Shivay proud. Gauri doesn’t want her sister to go through the same pain as her. Gauri supports Anika and tells her that she is perfect the way she is. She is sure that Shivay also believes so.



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