Woh Apna Sa: Rano to return with higher vengeance


Ambika slaps Rano, after Jia exposes Rano’s crimes. Ambika scolds Rano for dividing her sons and provoking her against Jia. They find Arjun’s life in danger. They save Arjun from Rano’s madness. Ambika can’t believe Rani can stoop so low. Jia requests Akash to treat Arjun. Akash does Arjun’s treament. Arjun gains conscious. Rano blames Jia for Arjun’s state. Jia proves herself innocent. Arjun throws out Rano from the house. Ambika apologizes to Jia. She hugs Jia and Arjun, showering blessings on them. Akash feels bad as he has also developed a liking for Jia.

Rano returns to add up drama. Ambika does her aarti and welcomes her by some undisclosed reason. Arjun tells Jia that he will marry her. Ambika gives him sindoor to fill Jia’s hairline. Before he could do that, Rano stops him and pushes Jia away. Rano and Jia have a fight. Rano gets a knife to threaten Jia.

Arjun loses his cool when Rano returns home and creates a drama. Rano’s misbehavior wasn’t expected. Ambika then sides with Rano and asks them to just obey Rano. She threatens of committing suicide. Ambika asks Arjun to accept Rano as wife. Arjun refuses to her. He slaps Rano. Ambika saves Rano from everyone. Arjun feels Rano is threatening Ambika by some matter, else his mum would have never supported wrong. Ambika stays helpless. She wants to support Jia, but is blackmailed by Rano.


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