Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara-Kabeer celebrate the festive month’s beginning

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Zara gets happy with the festive month of Ramadan beginning. Zara cooks food for Saher. She gets blessings from her mum in law. They prepare the dishes in kitchen. Zara learns the customs of Kabeer’s family. She congratulates Kabeer’s mum. She gets to know Kabeer’s childhood stories.

Zara’s little nephew falls sick. Zara plays football. She gets worried she finds Amaan collapsing. She rushes to him. Zara and entire family get terrified by the situation. They try to find what happened to him. He gets over exerted and faints down. Zara tells them that they will take Amaan to doctor. Amaan’s mum Zeenat refuses to take him to hospital. She hides a truth and rushes Amaan to the room. She doesn’t even feed him water. Nobody knows Amaan is fasting. Zeenat has hidden this from everyone. Zeenat wants Amaan to earn good deeds and also appreciation from the family. Zara will be learning and stopping Zeenat from compelling little Amaan to observe fast.


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