Ishqbaaz: A new entry plots to loot the Oberois


Rudra and Bhavya have a sweet argument. Rudra is happy with Bhavya. They spend some sweet moments. A new entry will be seen. Dadi’s friend enters the Oberoi mansion. They have an icecream party. Dadi’s friend makes the delicious icecream for them. Everyone likes the icecream a lot. They are happy in the guest’s company. They don’t know the lady is not Dadi’s friend, but someone who is fooling them for money. The lady finds Dadi absent at home and lies that she is Dadi’s friend. She catches up the information by hearing around. She tells them that she has heard a lot about them from Dadi. She takes everyone in confidence. She wins everyone’s heart. She bonds with Oberoi bahus. The Oberois trust her. They aren’t aware of her motives.

Oberois will be falling in a new problem again. Dadi’s friend’s reality will be coming fore. Dadi has gone for Satsang. Dadi’s friend talks sugary and captures everyone in her talk.The lady tries to steal Rudra’s phone. She takes care of Rudra. Rudra looks for his phone. He tells everyone that just Dadi’s friend and Bhavya came into his room when he left phone there. Khanna tells them that maybe someone has stolen the phone.

Dadi’s friend scolds him for accusing her, as she is a stranger between them. Shivay asks Khanna not to blame Dadi’s friend, as she is a family member for them. Rudra tells them another trouble. He tells Shivay that he lost his laptop and tab as well. He feels Shivay has taken all the gadgets so that he can find it on own. He asks Shivay not to tease him. Shivay tells him that he didn’t hide anything. Khanna gets the proof and tells everyone that he has a video recording, which will prove Dadi’s friend’s crime.

Shivay says I have already warned you, and you are still accusing her. Khanna tells them that Dadi’s friend has stolen the gadgets and he has seen it himself. He shows the video where she is seen stealing the gadgets. Dadi’s fake friend answers them. She lies and makes a story, to win back everyone’s trust. Shivay makes Khanna apologize to her. He asks Khanna to think well before blaming anyone. Khanna apologizes to her. Shivay clicks a picture of Dadi’s friend and sends it to Dadi, informing her about her friend. The old lady has entered the home to loot the Oberois.


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