Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi gets driven by obsession for Roshni


Adi gets mad for Roshni. He meets Roshni. He gets obsessed for her. Roshni tries to keep Adi away. Adi gets drunk. He is ready to forget Aaliya to get Roshni in his life. Roshni gets a boyfriend Shantanu to hurt Adi’s heart and make him away. Adi gets into a fight with Shantanu. Adi is much hurt after seeing Roshni with someone else. Adi misbehaves with Roshni. Shantanu secures her and asks Adi to not compel Roshni with their relation. Adi asks Roshni to tell Shantanu that she loves him. Roshni wants Adi to return to his wife.

Roshni tells Adi that she wants to marry Shantanu, as she doesn’t have a secured future. She says there is no guarantee that you will marry me, or not abandon me as you have left Aaliya. Adi tries to explain her that he will leave Aaliya and tell his family about their relation. Roshni tells him that she can’t face his family, especially Ishita. He tells her that he loves her, and she also loves him a lot. He asks her not to fool herself, as he can see love in her eyes.

Roshni tells Adi that she wants Aaliya and his relation to get fine. She doesn’t want to break his marriage. She says its wrong if he is already married, and having an affair. She tells him that she wants to settle down in life by marrying Shantanu. She justifies her decision. He asks her to stop the drama. He gets angered hearing her words. Shantanu tells Adi that the latter can’t behave badly with Roshni, else he won’t be spared. Adi threatens Shantanu. He tells Shantanu that he won’t let Roshni marry him. He gets angry on both of them. Roshni sheds tears with Adi’s anger throw out.


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