Udaan: Vivaan makes a comeback with mixed emotions


Vivaan tries to kill Suraj and Chakor. He reaches them. Saanvi cries out and wakes up Suraj and Chakor. They realize Vivaan’s presence in the room. They find him attempting to kill them. Vivaan hides his intentions. He tells them that he has come to meet Saanvi. Chakor asks Vivaan to take Saanvi in his lap. Vivaan hugs Saanvi and feels connected to her. Vivaan ends his thought to kill Suraj and Chakor. He changes his mind and makes a quick leave. Suraj and Chakor get concerned for Vivaan. Suraj tells Chakor that they have to care for Vivaan and know if he is bothered.

Vivaan had been undergoing tortures since many years. He is a bad mental state. He was ready to kill Suraj and Chakor, thinking he will be reaching Imli this way. He didn’t knew Suraj and Chakor had a daughter. He melts on seeing Saanvi and reacts like a normal being.

He feels happy to find a new life around. Saanvi brings positivity in him. He doesn’t want to hurt Saanvi, Suraj and Chakor now. Suraj doesn’t know who is manipulating Vivaan. Vivaan is desperate to know the culprit behind his captivity. Suraj and Chakor will help Vivaan turn into a happy soul. Vivaan and Imli are also living in the same haveli. Vivaan doesn’t know about Imli. Even Suraj and Chakor are unaware of Imli’s disguise of a maid. Saanvi will be changing Vivaan’s bad intentions and neutralize him.


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