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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

TR’s Quick Reads….Mariam Khan- Reporting LIVE: Mariam has gone to Pakistan with Aayat. Her life falls in danger. Majaaz fails to go along because of visa rejection. He returns home from the airport and tells the family that Mariam has gone alone with Aayat. Aijaz worries on seeing Majaaz back. He scolds Majaaz. He asks Majaaz why didn’t he leave Mariam alone, he is totally careless, he proved that he can’t take up any responsibility. He says you couldn’t get any visa, you failed in lessening my worries. Majaaz says I have tried my best, the people just lied and changed their word in few hours, they assured me of visa acceptance, and now they didn’t allow me to go, I don’t know how did this happen. Aijaz and Madiha don’t trust Aayat.

They want Mariam back home. Aijaz tells Majaaz that he will find out about the visa process, he will go Pakistan to get Mariam back. Majaaz says its not easy, I have tried things at my level.

Aijaz says when your attempts failed, my attempt will begin, I m a Nawaab and will use my influence to get the visa. They go through an emotional turmoil. They try to connect to Mariam, but fail to talk to her. Majaaz calms down Madiha and tells her that he will find out Mariam’s welfare. Days pass by and the family yearns to talk to Mariam once. Aayat keeps Mariam away from the family. Mariam misses her family too.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Simmi plays a trick to target Ishita. She goes to Ishita’s room and finds the baby alone. She pours some oil on the floor and runs away to hide when Ishita comes. Ishita showers her love on the baby and talks to him. She carries the baby in arms and roams around in the room. She prepares to give the bath to the baby. She gets the baby’s clothes ready. She asks the baby not to cry and pacifies him. She loses balance by falling down. She tries to save the baby and falls over the bed. She protects the baby well. It gets shocking for her. She doesn’t know how did this happen and why. Simmi calls Mrs. Bhalla there and shouts to create a huge scene and present Ishita as an irresponsible person.

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Jiji Maa:

Shreya’s fiance hurts her in anger because of Chiku. He also gets injured and faints. Shreya rushes to him and does the aid. Shreya shows her big heart. Falguni accepts Suyash’s new relation. She tells him that she will accept his truth and his daughter Chiku. Shreya and Chiku stay with Rawat family. Chiku cries after having a bad dream. She tells Shreya that she has seen Shreya in trouble, the bad uncle was beating him. Shreya tells Chiku that Falguni has saved her from the bad uncle, now no one will trouble them. Chiku makes a drawing and shows Suyash and Shreya with her. She shows Falguni away from their family. Falguni gets sad seeing the drawing and rushes out of the room. Falguni and Suyash throw a birthday party for Chiku. Falguni wants to ensure that Chiku stays happy, since its her rights to stay with her father Suyash.


Gumaan wants to take revenge from Chakor. He holds Chakor responsible for his loss. He aims to ruin Chakor’s life. He plans a big twist in Suraj and Chakor’s life. Gumaan aims to separate Sukor. Gumaan and his mum come to the haveli during the celebrations of Saanvi’s birthday. Suraj and Chakor plan the celebrations for Saanvi and invite many people. Imli returns home with them. They forgive Imli on Vivaan’s request. Imli gets angry that she lost Vivaan because of Chakor once again. Suraj welcomes Gumaan and his mum happily, as they are his relatives.


A lady falls in problem. She tries to seek help from strangers. She spots Roop and asks him to save her life. Roop goes to Patel mansion to deliver the car. The lady gets inside his car and tells him that her life is in danger. Roop worriedly asks her the matter. She tells her problem. The man asks the watchman to shut the gate. He drags his wife back into the mansion. He tortures his wife. Roop witnesses the domestic violence. He goes to ensure the woman’s safety. He learns that the lady is tortured by her in-laws. He gets to know that this is Ishika’s uncle’s house. He thinks to inform Ishika as she is related to the lady. When he informs Ishika, she asks him not to interfere in their family matter, they can manage on their own. He gets surprised by Ishika’s new side. He falls helpless when the lady asks him to leave, she doesn’t want his help now. Roop gets disturbed. He goes home and shares the problem with Kamla.


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