Fairy tale romance for KaiRa in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Fairy tale themed sangeet

Kartik and Naira get practicing for Fairy tale themed Sangeet. They will be performing a romantic dance. The boys gang will also perform on a rocking number. Dadi plans to stop Suwarna from her motives of Kartik’s remarriage. There will be clash between Dadi and Suwarna. Suwarna tries hard to bring Kartik and Ashi close. Suwarna has become the enemy of Kartik and Naira’s love. She swears to separate them. She hates Naira to the core. She wants Kartik to start her new life with Ashi. Dadi is mistaken that Naira is pregnant with Kartik’s child, and wants them to unite for the sake of the coming child. Suwarna bears Kirti’s taunts of being their stepmum, and still stays stubborn to do her wishful.

Kartik and Naira come closer during Mansi and Anmol’s Sangeet function. They get romancing during their dance performance. Kartik gets bowled over by Naira’s beauty, when she gets dressed up as a fairy. They make a lovely couple and get compliments from one and all. Kartik, Naksh, Manish and Naitik swing on the tunes of rock and roll.


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