Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to solve the case of Nikaah Halala

Ishq SubhanAllah

Kabeer talks to Imran about his project work. He tells him that Miraj’s isn’t sincere towards the work. He gets stressed that the meeting wasn’t successful. Miraj meets them and asks Kabeer is he is praising him. He scolds Imran, which angers Kabeer. They both get into an argument. Kabeer and Miraj have a big fight on the road. Imran tries to stop them from hurting each other. Zara is trying to solve the new case of Nikaah Halala. She meets the woman at her husband’s house. She learns that the man has beaten his wife Abida to compel her for Halala. She encourages Abida to report the incident to police and file a formal complaint. She learns that Abida isn’t getting support from her parents. She promises to support Abida.

Surprisingly, Nilofer supports Zara in the complex case. She wants to know what Zara does in the case. She tries to become Zara’s friend. Zara asks Abida to stay at some safe place. Zara wants to make sure that Abida is fine. Kabeer and Zara talk to family about the alliance for Elena, brought by Zeenat.

Kabeer learns that Elena is not happy with the alliance and wants to study further. Kabeer tells his dad that Elena should be allowed to study if she wants, her happiness matters the most. Zara tells them that Elena will stay happy if they give her freedom to make her own choices. Zara takes a stand for Elena and her future. She doesn’t want Elena’s marriage to happen against her will. She convinces Kabeer and family. Kabeer believes in his parents’ decisions. He tells Zara that his dad has chosen a right family for Elena, they can keep Elena’s engagement and postpone marriage till she completes her studies. They leave the final decision on Elena.

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