Silsila: Nandini and Kunal get into a fix over their love

A short leap to bring twists in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

The real story of Silsila will begin now. Nandini and Kunal get away from the family because of the landslide. They reach the wonderful place where people made the tents in the relief base camp. Kunal sleeps outside the tent and asks Nandini to sleep well. Nandini finds Kunal shivering in cold. She goes to give him a blanket. She feels attracted to Kunal. She wants to stop her feelings and runs away from him. She goes to the tent and rests there. Later, when Kunal finds Nandini near the bonfire, he gets mesmerized. He shows his concern for her, even when he doesn’t want to.

Kunal and Nandini both try to control their feelings, as they don’t want to hurt Mauli. Nandini’s heart goes out of his control. She thinks husbands should be like Kunal, he is someone whom she missed in life. She gets adoring Kunal. When he sees her staring, she turns away so that Kunal doesn’t read her eyes. Kunal and Nandini sit near the bonfire and talk to the other people, who assume them to be a couple in love on seeing them stealing glances. Kunal hides his feelings. Nandini wants to go away from Mauli and Kunal’s lives. They both get in to a fix.


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