Ishqbaaz: Shivay reacts by believing Anika’s claim

Ishqbaaz: Shivay brings a big surprise for Oberois

Shivay lays a clever trap for Daksh. He knows that Daksh is just interested in Priyanka’s property, so he is intending to marry her. He thinks to prove this truth to the family and Priyanka too, so that he can save Priyanka from the heartbreak. He formally announces Priyanka and Daksh’s marriage, even when Anika struggles to stop him. Anika tells Shivay that Daksh is just after Oberois’ money and one day he will realize this truth. Shivay doesn’t want to take any chance with Priyanka’s future.

When he realizes that Anika had been saying the truth about Daksh before, he wonders if the entire chapter about Daksh is true. He suspects Daksh’s character and cross checks his link-up with Payal.

Shivay learns about Daksh and Payal’s relation partly. He plays a move and calls up Daksh for a surprise. He tells Daksh about the press conference where he will announce his decision of giving away half share of Oberoi empire to him, which actually belongs to Priyanka. Daksh gets too happy with Shivay’s decision. He looks forward to get the property. Shivay wants to assure Daksh that he has named all the property to him, to see if Daksh still marries Priyanka. Daksh also intends to get the property and dump Priyanka. Shivay is sure to bring out Daksh’s truth.

Everyone gets happy that Daksh got exposed. Priyanka’s life gets saved. Anika thinks Daksh is exposed, and now she has nothing to do with Oberois. She wants to leave from Shivay’s life. She keeps her Mangalsutra in Shivay’s room and packs her bags. She feels she has achieved what she wanted, she has saved Priyanka’s life. There will be new twists. Anika leaves the Oberoi house, which shocks the family. Omkara tells Rudra that Anika isn’t in the house. Dadi asks them where did Anika go. Shivay gets Anika’s nuptial chain and turns emotional thinking about Anika. Shivay decides to get Anika back in his life, and realizes her truth.

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