Kaleerein (PicFiction): A filmi love story for Vivaan and Meera

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Vivaan and Meera’s love story gets filmi. Vivaan changes his cool clothes and gets dressed as a servant. He works all day. Amar gives him 100 rupees at the end of the tiring day. Vivaan fixes everything and is sure to fix up his breaking relation too. Vivaan gets happy to earn 100 rupees. He goes to give the money to Meera, as its his first hard-earned money. He is ready to do anything for love. He gets bitten by mosquitoes and stays awake. He feels sleepy, but gets disturbed. He checks the ceiling fan, which doesn’t work. He sits killing mosquitoes. Meera feels bad for Vivaan, seeing him losing his sleep.

She knows how much Vivaan loves his comforts at home. She realizes he is doing this for her. He acts to be sleeping when she comes to help him. He tells her that he was in deep sleep, he didn’t realize when she had come. He asks Meera not to worry for him, he is happy and in peace in her house. He tells her that he regards her his wife and wants to win her trust. Amar asks Vivaan to wake up at 5 am and carry out all the work. He schedules a long list of tasks for Vivaan. He thinks Vivaan will get afraid and run away. Vivaan happily accepts the tasks. He is giving a tough test for Meera.


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