Kumkum Bhagya: Abhigya’s confrontation, rescue and romance lined…

Dramatic Twists in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya will have a track of Abhi and Pragya’s union soon. Abhi forcibly takes Pragya to the room and confronts her for dancing with King like she used to dance with him with the same sync and steps. Pragya understands his jealousy and confronts him back for making Tanu wear Mangalsutra in party, and tells him that it was her right which he gave to Tanu. She suspects his intentions and asks if he wanted to marry Tanu when he was with her and that’s why he has thrown her out of his life so that he can marry Tanu. Abhi tells her that he got married to Tanu without his wish and was helpless. He says both of my marriages were forced.

Pragya tells him that their marriage is not successful as he married her due to helplessness, and regrets for their marriage. Abhi gets upset with her and tells that he feels that their marriage was best phase of his life and asks her to let him live in misunderstanding. He congratulates her for her new life with King and tells that he will never forget their meeting. Pragya gets upset.

King asks Pragya if she is hiding something from him. Pragya makes an excuse and refuses to hide anything. He gets doubtful. Aaliya gets jealous seeing Disha and Purab’s romance in the party. She plans to kill Pragya like she killed Bulbul. She shares her plan with Tanu. Tanu gets excited. She thinks once Pragya dies, then Abhi and Pragya’s connection will end, and this way her revenge will be fulfilled. Aaliya cuts the chandelier rope to kill Pragya. Chandelier is about to fall when Pragya comes and stands there. Abhi sees Chandelier falling and runs to save Pragya. He gets shocked and hugs her. King gets surprised to see Abhi’s worry for Pragya.


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