Udaan: Imli turns evil to plot Saanvi’s kidnapping

Imli turns evil

Imli plans a new evil while acting good and happy in front of Suraj and Chakor. Gumaan and Imli join hands. Both the evil characters unite to break the peace. There is a new kidnapping twist. The family celebrates Saanvi’s birthday with all the enthusiasm. Imli targets Saanvi and kidnaps her to ruin Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. The celebrations turn into a sorrow. Suraj asks Chakor where is Saanvi, where is she crying. Chakor informs Suraj that Saanvi is kidnapped. She hugs him and cries. Suraj can’t believe this. He tells Chakor that Saanvi can’t walk around, maybe she is with someone. The family checks the entire house. Imli confirms that Saanvi is not at home. Chakor admits her mistake. Gumaan scolds Chakor angrily. Suraj doesn’t like Gumaan shouting on Chakor. He asks Gumaan not to raise his wife on Chakor. He stops Guman from interference. Gumaan says Saanvi went missing because of Chakor.

Suraj gets a big shock. Everyone shatters with the news. Gumaan tries to show Suraj that Chakor was careless towards Saanvi, and so this has happened, Chakor has taken Saanvi along while she went to drop her parents at the railway station. Imli says I had also gone with Chakor, there was some smoke of pest control and soon Saanvi disappeared. Chakor tells Suraj that she was with Saanvi all the time, Saanvi was sleeping in the car and driver was there to look after her. Suraj is worried for Saanvi. Chakor asks him to do anything, but get Saanvi back. The haveli cries for Saanvi.

Suraj asks Chakor how can she be so irresponsible and trust any stranger. They both break down and want to find Saanvi. The kidnapper calls them and demands a ransom of two crores. Suraj yells at the kidnapper and swears to not leave him. Chakor asks him to get Saanvi back. Suraj agrees to pay the money. He says the kidnapper didn’t say where to meet, he has disconnected, we have to wait for his next call. He arranges money while the kidnapper tells him the place of meet. Suraj doesn’t inform the police. Kidnapper threatens him that he will kill Saanvi if he informs the police. Suraj gets angry when Chakor calls the police home. Suraj doesn’t want to take help from police. Suraj asks Chakor to stay out of the matter, and let him handle it. Imli instigates Chakor to send the police after Suraj. Chakor believes in Imli and sends the police to save Suraj and Saanvi. Imli fools Chakor so that Saanvi gets killed by the goons, and Suraj hates Chakor. Saanvi gets away from her parents forever. Saanvi will be seen as the new character Anjor, similar to child Chakor.


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