Yeh Rishta: Dadi makes a huge revelation to Suwarna

Suwarna learns a big truth

Kartik and Ashi’s togetherness and friendship gives happiness to Suwarna, while Naira turns jealous seeing them. Suwarna finds Kartik smiling and thinks he is really happy with Ashi, and Dadi should understand this too. Naira doesn’t take help from Kartik. He thinks why is she always rude towards him. Naksh and Kirti have cute moments of romance. Kirti wishes they have children soon. Rukmani kick starts the Sangeet event and turns into a fairies queen. She plans dance performances and games in the ceremony. Suwarna keeps an eye on Kirti and Dadi, so that they don’t bring Kartik closer to Naira. Kirti and Naksh tell everyone about love, which makes KaiRa think of each other. Kirti tells about a cute surprise for Mansi and Anmol. Naksh-Kirti, Mansi-Anmol plan to get Kartik and Naira on the stage, so that they can dance together.

Kirti asks them not to just stand and perform. Suwarna turns angry seeing Kartik and Naira’s romantic dance. Kartik gets falling in love with Naira all over again. He lives his dreams in reality all thanks to the other couples’ efforts.

Kartik and Naira recollect their past love once again. Dadi gets pleased and wanted this to happen. Suwarna can’t understand how did Kartik change towards Naira. She doesn’t want them to unite at any cost. Dadi asks Naira to take some rest. Naira tells Dadi that she is absolutely fine. She doesn’t understand the cause of Dadi’s worries. Ashi throws a surprise for Kartik and gets him to the dance floor. They get the boys band to perform and rock the function. Everyone enjoys the Sangeet.

Suwarna and Dadi get into an argument during the party. Dadi reveals to Suwarna that the truth will shock her. Suwarna tells Dadi that she has enough courage to hear the truth. Dadi knows Suwarna can’t tolerate the big truth. Suwarna threatens Dadi about revealing the matter to everyone. Dadi gets angry when Suwarna threatens her again. Dadi tells her that she had met the lady doctor for an important discussion. Suwarna gets a huge shock knowing Naira is pregnant. She shatters and can’t believe this. Dadi tells Suwarna that the truth will remain the same, she can’t deny it, Kartik and Naira are still husband and wife, and can have a child. She asks Suwarna to accept the truth without creating any chaos. Kirti plans Naira’s special aerial performance to fulfill her wish, while Kartik expresses his love for Naira in front of the family.

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