Mansi and Anmol’s shocking revelation next in Yeh Rishta…

Families get shocked

Dadi stops Suwarna from questioning Kartik and Naira about the pregnancy. Suwarna gets mad knowing Naira is pregnant. Dadi stops her from creating a scene and ruining the family respect. She tells Suwarna that she will decide everything. Naira praises Kartik for the dance moves, but he gets upset thinking that she can’t dance in Mansi and Anmol’s Sangeet. When he turns his face away, she feels upset that he is avoiding her. Devyaani suspects on Dadi and Suwarna’s argument. Dadi tells Suwarna that Kartik and Naira are having a child, which is good for their relation and family too. Suwarna doesn’t want Naira to come back in the family. Dadi asks her to talk to Kartik once. Devyaani overhears Dadi and Suwarna’s conversation and learns that Suwarna wants Kartik and Ashi to get married.

Kirti tells Devyaani that Kartik doesn’t love Ashi, he will never marry Ashi, she is confident about KaiRa’s love. Devyaani worries that Suwarna will spoil Naira’s life in her madness.

Ashi entertains everyone by her comic liners. Kartik and Naira think of each other when Ashi talks about marriage. Kartik and Naira are unaware of Mansi and Anmol’s lie. Mansi has faked the pregnancy on Rukmani’s command, so that the marriage gets the family approval. Rukmani worries when Mansi and Anmol are asked to dance. Rukmani wants Mansi to keep the pregnancy lie. Naira suspects Rukmani when she stops Mansi from dancing. She tells the family that Rukmani is right, Mansi can’t dance in the function. Mansi tells Rukmani that everyone will be hurt when her lie gets caught. Rukmani assures Mansi that she will handle everyone.

Surekha gets upset that Rukmani didn’t give a chance to Mansi to dance. Kirti tells everyone that she has a surprise for everyone. She welcomes the fairy on stage. When Naira performs, Kartik gets mesmerized. Kartik and Dadi worry for Naira. Dadi assumes her to be pregnancy and gets concerned, while Kartik worries for her injury. Naira’s aerial dance stuns everyone. Naira feels happy to dance like before. She gets hurt, but Kartik reaches her on time to help her.

Dadi fears that Naira’s pregnancy may get at risk. Naira thanks Kirti for encouraging her for the aerial act. Naksh thanks Kirti for her wonderful thoughts and support. Naira expects Kartik to compliment her dance. Dadi meets Naira and scolds her for dancing, without caring for the child.

Dadi confronts Kartik and Naira about the child. Naira learns about Dadi’s misunderstanding. Kartik and Naira get a shock by the funny confusion. Dadi tells them that she knows everything and they can’t deny it. Suwarna asks Dadi to tell the truth to the family. She reprimands Naira for the pregnancy. She tells Kartik that she is upset with the news. The family gets a shock when it gets revealed. Naira clears that she isn’t pregnant. Dadi thinks Naira to lying in front of everyone. Dadi asks them not to shy KaiRa by questioning them. Anmol and Mansi reveal that Naira was lying to cover up Mansi’s pregnancy, which is also false. The shocking lie upsets the family.

Everyone learns Rukmani’s clever plan and confronts her about it. Rukmani tells them that she just wanted them to agree for the marriage, since they were ruining everything because of their ego. Rukmani justifies her step. Dadi angrily calls off Mansi and Anmol’s wedding. Kartik and Naira try hard to get the relation fixed up for the sake of Mansi and Anmol’s happiness.

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