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TR’s Dont Miss Out… Jiji Maa:
Uttara is against Falguni’s operation. She tells Falguni that Suyash has a right to get a child, Chiku was his mistake. Falguni doesn’t believe this. She tells Uttara that she has promised Shreya that she won’t have her own child, she has to adopt Chiku and raise her. Falguni makes Uttara swear that she won’t break the truth to Suyash. Uttara says I found a daughter in you, when I want to shower love and set your life right, you are taking such a drastic step. Falguni says if you tell Suyash anything about this matter, I will break my relations with you and Suyash. Uttara asks Falguni not to compel her this way. She wants Uttara to support her and encourage her. Uttara wishes she could tell the truth to Suyash.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar takes Kulfi home. He gets too happy to get her back. While they are on the way, Kulfi gets sad thinking of her father. She cries which shocks Sikandar. He asks her the matter. He takes her to a park and thinks to sing a song to make her smile. He knows music gives her ultimate happiness. Sikandar sings and goes bhaangra to cheer her up. She sings with him and gives him tips to always stay happy. They both sing and dance, forgetting the life’s problems and worries. They have a good time. Sikandar plans many surprises for her, but he gets afraid for Amyra’s reaction. Sikandar gives a nice girly avatar to Kulfi and feeds her by his hands. Amyra turns jealous and scolds Sikandar. Sikandar gets stuck between his two daughters.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Bulbul team up to play a ghost drama and scare Mandira. Mandira sees Bulbul’s ghost. She wonders if Bulbul is alive. She goes to the jungle to check on Bulbul’s body. She gets scared when she finds Bulbul there. Mandira gets scared and runs away. Vijay wants Mandira to confess her crimes and leave from their lives. Vijay and Bulbul get away from Mandira’s sight and spend some time together. Mandira wants to be sure that Bulbul isn’t around. Bulbul continues to scare her.

Kundali Bhagya:

Prithvi becomes psycho lover of Preeta and fell for her simplicity. Sherlyn fumes in anger knowing Prithvi’s feelings for Preeta in the party. Sherlyn gets questioning Prithvi, when she finds him getting jealous looking at Karan and Preeta. She creates a drama and asks him to maintain distance with Preeta. Prithvi tells his new plan to Sherlyn to get Karan hooked up with the girl he hired. He has madly fallen for Preeta and wants to battle with Karan for winning Preeta. He wants Preeta to hate Karan, after finding him with the girl.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira looks lovely while she dances in Sangeet. Everyone gets a smile on their faces seeing Naira’s fairy dance. Kartik thinks she is really looking pure soul like a fairy. Kartik can’t see away when Naira performs. Ashi compliments Naira and calls Kartik lucky to have a stunning wife like Naira. He stays on toes to ensure Naira’s safety. Naira gets hurt. She feels pain in her legs. Kartik realizes her discomfort by seeing her expressions. He quickly rushes to her and holds her. They have a moment, which angers Suwarna. Dadi sees love between Kartik and Naira and wishes Suwarna acknowledges the same.

Nani finds a way to get blessings for Soumya. She tells Preeto that she wants to feed some kinners and fulfill the rituals. She doesn’t have food and asks Preeto to agree to her. Preeto asks Nani to have some food, else she will fall ill. Nani doesn’t even have water. Harak worries when Nani falls ill. Everyone worries for Nani. They don’t realize that Harman is kidnapped. They get occupied in dealing with Nani’s stubbornness.

Shivay exposes Daksh and makes an apology to Anika in front of the media. Anika gets touched with Shivay’s apology, since she connects to his emotions. She feels bad thinking over his misdeeds. She can’t forgive him for the past doings. She believes in marriage relation, but doesn’t want to burden Shivay by staying back. She decides to leave the house, while Shivay makes a request to her to keep on the marriage, as he needs her support forever. He expresses his wish of keeping their marriage, which happened in a wrong way. He regrets to hurt her heart and hopes she forgives him. Anika thinks of giving a chance to Shivay, since they are wedded. Anika disappears from the house, when Daksh plans to kidnap her. Shivay assumes that Anika left the house and didn’t change her mind even after his request. He gets upset and thinks of meeting her once.

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