Cute father-daughter moments to flow in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Kullfi reasons her lie

Lovely thinks of telling Sikandar about Kulfi, but she decides to find the reason for Kullfi’s lie first. Mohendar tells Sikandar that Kullfi is a girl. He asks Sikandar to forgive him for hiding the truth. Sikandar asks him not to scare him further and reveal the truth. Mohendar gets telling him about Nimrat, but Lovely interrupts. Amyra learns this and calls Kulfi a liar. She asks Sikandar to punish Kulfi for the lie, but he remains happy with the lie. He wonders what’s the secret that Kulfi has hidden her gender from everyone. He feels bad that she has gone through a lot of sorrows all alone. He embraces her. Amyra tells him that he has to keep his rules same for Kulfi and get angry on Kulfi. She gets upset with Sikandar.

She tells Sikandar that Kulfi has become his daughter now. She sheds tears. Tevar cheers up Amyra. He learns her problem and hugs her to console. He reveals that she is his daughter, which shocks her. He relieves her that she is like his daughter. He vows to return her smile. Kulfi gets conscious and apologizes to him for going away from him.

She maintains the lie that she is a boy. He laughs on her innocent lie and tells her that he knows she is a girl. He tells her that she can’t hide the truth further. He gets happy in his heart by listening to her cute talk. Tevar and Amyra bond. Amyra smiles while talking to him. Tevar tells her that even he hates the girls who lie. He sings for his daughter.

Amyra raps with Tevar. He feels blessed to have Amyra in his life. He asks Amyra how did she learn to rap. She tells him that he is her idol and she likes rap singing. Tevar gets emotional about Amyra. Kulfi hides her face and tells Sikandar that she is a girl. Sikandar tells her that she will always be his tiger. She apologizes for her lie. He asks her the reason for lying. She reasons out why she lied to Sikandar and his family. She tells him that she has sworn to her uncle and kept this lie so that she can find her father. He understands her and regrets for not seeing her pain till now. He recollects Kulfi’s struggles in life. He also decides to find Kulfi’s father.

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