Ishqbaaz: Shivay gets stubborn to win Anika’s trust

Ishqbaaz: Shivay proposes a shocker for Anika

Shivay decides to apologize to Anika. He reaches her aunt’s house and learns that she isn’t there. Gauri tells him that Anika isn’t at home. She asks him what did he do with Anika. He apologizes for hurting Anika. She yells at him for his misdeeds. She asks him where is Anika. He doesn’t know where did she go. She warns him. She asks him to find Anika, else she won’t spare him. Aunt gets speaking against Anika’s character. Shivay takes a stand for Anika’s respect and asks Anika’s aunt to mind her tongue next time. He promises Gauri that he will bring Anika back to her safely. Seeing his new side, Gauri believes that he has changed. Anika gets troubled by some goons when she comes to her locality.

Shivay finds Anika in trouble and reaches to her rescue. He gets into a fight with the goons to save her dignity. He gets into his angry avatar and vents out his anger on them. Shivay accepts her as his wife. When Anika stops him, he tells her that he won’t tolerate any nonsense against her character. She tells him that the goons have repeated his words, why is he angry when he didn’t give her wife’s rights and wanted the world to know her as his mistress. She counts his mistakes and asks him to back off.

He tells her that he has realized his mistakes and is ready to do anything to repent and regain her honor. She tells him that his repentance can’t compensate for the insult she is facing. She doesn’t forgive him and walks off. Shivay decides to punish himself for hurting her heart and ruining her honor. He pays for his mistakes. He asks the goons to beat him. He wants to see if Anika gets affected by his pain. Shivay gets beaten up by the goons. Anika’s heart finally melts. She gets caring and crying for Shivay’s wounded state. Shivay carries her nuptial chain, with a hope that she will keep their marriage.

Anika gets emotional seeing it. She calls up Omkara and sends Shivay home. Shivay gets treated for his wounds. Omkara and Rudra don’t let him go to Anika. Shivay reveals his mistakes to his siblings. He tells them that he was apologizing to Anika, but she didn’t forgive him.

Omkara asks him not to make demands of forgiveness and earn it by more attempts. Shivay gets impressed by their maturity. He tells his decision to win Anika’s heart. Anika tells Gauri that she doesn’t want to return to Shivay’s house. She doesn’t want Gauri to face taunts of the locality. She decides to stay alone and manage her life.

Shivay follows Anika and stays as her shadow to ease out things for her. He learns about her job struggles. He tries getting equal to her in every sense. He hurts himself every time she gets hurt. He tries to win her forgiveness by a sincere attempt. Anika asks him to leave and not complicate her life more. She tells him that there is nothing left between them, he has exacted revenge from her and now they should part ways. He tells her that he won’t leave and would just stay in front of her house until she forgives him. Anika returns home in the evening and finds Shivay waiting for her.

Anika witnesses his passion and adamancy when he stands in the stormy rains. Gauri suggests Anika to forgive Shivay. Anika stays on toes to look for Shivay’s welfare. She doesn’t want him to suffer. She pretends as if she doesn’t care for him. Gauri tells Anika that Shivay will fall ill if he stands in the rain for long. Anika is sure that he will leave. Shivay doesn’t leave and falls sick. He couldn’t bear the cold and begins to collapse.

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