Silsila (PicFiction): Kunal and Nandini’s equations to change

Kunal and Nandini fall in love in Silsila

In Silsila, Mauli tries to give a surprise to Kunal. Nandini fights with her feelings. Nandini gets ignoring Kunal. Her behavior looks odd to Mauli. Mauli makes Nandini begin her cooking classes. Nandini diverts her mind by the cooking class. She gets praised for her extra-ordinary culinary skills. Nandini doesn’t want to hurt Mauli in any way. She feels guilty for growing feelings for Kunal. Mauli hides the surprise clinic plan from Kunal. She finalizes the place. She gets excited and thinks of Kunal’s reaction. She tells everyone that she has a big secret surprise.

She gets busy in her own work, and misses to notice Kunal and Nandini’s dilemma. Kunal sees Nandini needing help. He goes to help her. She gets scared of her feelings getting known to him by her changing behavior. She prefers to stay silent and rush away, before he could sense anything by her talk or eyes.

Kunal stops Nandini and asks her if she wants to say anything, why does she appear reluctant. Nandini sheds tears after he goes. She gets angry on herself for eyeing her best friend’s happy family. Kunal gets disturbed when Nandini’s odd behavior. Their equation changes. Mauli gives them a task. She asks both of them to set the dining table, while she is preparing food. Nandini sends Mauli to Kunal and takes the cooking task.

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