Bepannaah: Aditya and Zoya’s moment in anniversary party

Aditya gets disturbed by Arshad

Everyone is happy for Aditya’s parents’ anniversary. Aditya and Zoya welcome the guests in the party. She asks him to prepare a speech for his parents. Aditya doesn’t want to express much. Zoya does the event preparations. Aditya gets occupied with Zoya’s thoughts. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He just wants to be with Zoya. Zoya wishes Mr and Mrs Hooda for their anniversary. She invites Aditya on the stage and asks them to welcome Aditya, who has prepared a beautiful speech for his mum and dad. Aditya gets emotional and wishes his parents a happy marriage anniversary.

He tells them that he has a small gift for them. He explains the meaning of true love and just thinks of Zoya, while speaking his penned words. Zoya gets happy seeing Aditya’s surprises for his parents. Aditya asks Zoya about Arshad. He wants to talk to Wasim about Arshad. He doesn’t want Zoya to marry Arshad. He asks her to refuse for the alliance and talk to Wasim soon. She doesn’t understand the reason for his advice. She asks Aditya why is he missing the important things talking about Arshad at this moment. Aditya gets keen to confess love to Zoya.

Aditya gets shocked seeing Wasim hugging Dr. Arshad. He recalls their meeting on the road. Before he could understand the happening there, Dr. Arshad greets Aditya and tells that he felt good meeting him again. Zoya asks again, you met him before? Dr. Arshad tells that Aditya is the one who gave him the prize on his face on their first meeting. Aditya gets tensed. Wasim asks Aditya, how dare you to raise a hand on my guest. Aditya learns that Arshad is Wasim’s chosen guy for Zoya’s marriage alliance. Will Aditya express his feelings? Keep reading.

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