Tara seethes at Virat-Anjali’s love bonding in Ishq Mein Marjawa

Tara gets angry on Virat

Aarohi gets hurt. Virat gets much worried for Anjali. He runs to her rescue. He tells her that she is the only one in his heart, he loves her a lot, he can’t see her hurt. He cares for Aarohi and impresses her. He calls a doctor for her aid. Deep and Tara laugh on Virat, seeing his love and worry for Anjali. Virat doesn’t care for their mocking and just pays attention to Aarohi/Anjali. He tells her that nothing is important to him than her. He tells Anjali that he has changed and realized her worth in his life, he isn’t evil like before and values her a lot, now when she is pregnant, he wants to give a good life to their child.

He says you always asked me to stop walking on the wrong path, and I just fought with you, I was in to some other zone that time, I was occupied because of rectifying Tara’s mistakes, now just Anjali is important to him, he will mend himself for her sake. He apologizes to Anjali.

He tells about his ignorance before, as he is busy covering Tara’s crimes. Tara gets angry seeing Virat backbiting about him. Virat doesn’t know that she is Tara. Just Deep is aware of the complete truth. Tara loses her cool and goes to hit Virat. Deep controls Tara and calms her down. Deep acts to romance Tara and covers up her anger. He manipulates things well. He doesn’t want Virat to know Tara’s identity. Aarohi wants Deep and Tara to admit the truth about Tara’s identity for the sake of property.

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