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TR’s Dont Miss Out… Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Radhe come closer in the upcoming track of Krishna Chali London. They get shelter at Saajan’s house. Their love story starts. They both call off the divorce, as suggested by Dubey. He tells her that he wants to tell something to her. She wonders what is he up to. Radhe tells her that he is upset on leaving the family, but he is happy that she is with him. He tells how much important she holds in his life. They both have good bond of friendship between them. They have much understanding between them. Radhe understands Krishna’s right approach in life, since she doesn’t tolerate injustice.

Roop apologizes to Ishika publicly. Palak sees them and gets jealous. She doesn’t want Roop to lower his self-esteem. Roop tells Ishika that he didn’t mean to hurt her, the hotel management course is his dream, he has to top the college with good marks. She is the judge of the practical exam and fails him to teach him a lesson. He tells Ishika that she shouldn’t get personal enmity or opinion in their professional lives. He convinces her to pass him in the practicals. Ishika doesn’t want to break his dreams. She forgives him. She passes him with good marks. She gets falling for Roop.


Chakor has ended her ties with everyone in Aazaadgunj, when Suraj ousts her from the house. Gumaan singh and Imli make more bandhuas in Aazaadgunj. Gumaan turns some little kids into his slaves. He tells them that their parents have run away to avoid slavery, but they have got caught, now they have to guard the mango fields, they have to remember that they can’t eat any mangoes, they can just stare at mangoes and yearn for it. He tells them that they have to protect the mango trees from the insects, they will become the care-takers of the fields. He stamps the bandhua mark on their wrist and tells them that they are now his bandhuas. He plays games with the kids and scares them to make them run. He gets mad in his evil game. Anjor becomes a hurdle for Gumaan.

Ishq Mein Marjawa

Aarohi gets hurt. Virat gets much worried for Anjali. He runs to her rescue. He tells her that she is the only one in his heart, he loves her a lot, he can’t see her hurt. He cares for Aarohi and impresses her. He calls a doctor for her aid. Deep and Tara laugh on Virat, seeing his love and worry for Anjali. Virat doesn’t care for their mocking and just pays attention to Aarohi/Anjali. He tells her that nothing is important to him than her. He tells Anjali that he has changed and realized her worth in his life, he isn’t evil like before and values her a lot, now when she is pregnant, he wants to give a good life to their child.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Mansi’s haldi celebrations bring another chance for KaiRa’s union. Naira and Singhanias get Mansi’s haldi. Everyone wishes Mansi. Kartik and Naira meet again. Kartik asks Naira not to limit herself and apply shagun haldi to Mansi. Rukmani blesses Mansi. She gets happy with Anmol’s relation forming with Goenkas. Rukmani asks all the couples to apply haldi to Mansi. She asks Naksh and Kirti to apply haldi to Mansi, as they have double relation with Mansi. Naksh and Kirti perform the haldi rituals, and find Mansi upset. They ask the reason for her upset face. Naksh jokes to cheer her up. Mansi remains silent.


Everyone is happy for Aditya’s parents’ anniversary. Aditya and Zoya welcome the guests in the party. She asks him to prepare a speech for his parents. Aditya doesn’t want to express much. Zoya does the event preparations. Aditya gets occupied with Zoya’s thoughts. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He just wants to be with Zoya. Zoya wishes Mr and Mrs Hooda for their anniversary. She invites Aditya on the stage and asks them to welcome Aditya, who has prepared a beautiful speech for his mum and dad. Aditya gets emotional and wishes his parents a happy marriage anniversary.

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